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February 22, 2019
Edward Smith

Hydroplaning Causes Oroville Accident

Officers from Oroville California Highway Patrol (CHP) report that a major car accident happened in a rural area near Oroville on Thursday, February 14, 2019. The accident happened on damp roadways after a period of heavy rain in the area. Officers say that the crash involved three vehicles as well as a pedestrian. At least one person was left with severe injuries as a result of the collision. Whether or not any other individuals received trauma has not been reported, and updates on the condition of the injured individual remain unavailable. CHP says that their investigators are looking into possible causes of the car accident.

Collision Information

The accident took place in the morning near the intersection of Almond Avenue and Larkin Road to the southwest of the city of Oroville. Reports state that a large portion of Larkin Road was partially flooded at the time of the crash. According to officers, a Ford Focus had hydroplaned and landed partially submerged on Larkin Road at around 6:50 a.m. The driver of a passing Jeep stopped to help pull the Ford out from the flooded roadway.

While multiple individuals were attempting to get the Ford back on the road, a Hyundai approached the location of the submerged vehicle from a nearby curve in the road. Reports state that the Hyundai was traveling at high speeds when it lost traction with the road. The Hyundai hydroplaned and eventually collided with the Jeep and a pedestrian. Emergency officials who responded to the incident stated that the accident involved major injuries. However, whether or not these injuries were life-threatening was not reported.


CHP is looking into what may have caused this crash. So far, high speed and wet roadways are the only suspected factors that have been reported. Collisions can be complicated and often involve multiple factors. Crashes like this one are often caused by things such as reckless driving behavior, driver distraction, auto product defects, and more.

The Cost of Injuries

Suffering an injury can mean serious financial difficulty. People who are injured during crashes often need to pay for expensive medical procedures, ambulance fees, hospital stays, and more. The price of these medical costs can be steep, and matters are often made even worse when individuals are no longer able to work because of their injuries. Because of these issues, crash survivors are often unsure of how they will be able to recover both physically and personally after a collision.

While the cost of injuries can be staggering, injured people can often cover their expenses by filing personal injury claims against reckless drivers and/or their insurance companies. These claims can provide people with the money they need to pay for surgeries, physical therapy, and other medical costs as well as compensate them for lost wages. If you’d like to know more about filing such a claim, it is best to get in touch with a local Oroville personal injury lawyer.

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