Humerus Fracture Surgery

Humerus Fracture Surgery

The humerus is one of the thickest bones in the body and makes up the upper arm. If individuals suffer a fracture of the humerus, it could require surgery to repair. Even though bone fractures are relatively common, they can still be severe. Those who suffer a serious broken bone could end up with lifelong complications as a result of their injuries.

Mechanisms of a Broken Humerus

A broken arm is one of the most common types of bone fractures. One of the bones in the arm that could be broken is the humerus. Some of the common mechanisms of humerus fractures include:

  • Arm injuries suffered in an auto accident
  • Falling from a motorcycle or bicycle
  • A slip and fall injury on a wet floor or an icy sidewalk
  • Physical assault

Indications for Broken Humerus Surgery

While an x-ray is used to confirm a bone fracture, it is also required to decide whether or not an individual needs to go to surgery. Some of the findings on an x-ray that could necessitate surgery include:

  • A bone that has been displaced from its proper anatomic location.
  • Damage to the blood vessels that surround and supply the arm with oxygen and nutrients.
  • An open fracture where the bone is protruding through the surface of the skin.

Ultimately, surgery always has its risks, which includes complications that individuals and their loved ones should know.

Complications of Humerus Fracture Surgery

Like any other injuries, there are some serious complications of a humerus fracture. Some of these could lead to lifelong issues. These include:

  • Damage to the brachial plexus that runs through the upper arm and shoulder.
  • The development of compartment syndrome following surgery or the application of a cast.
  • Infections that could take place at the surgical site.
  • Malunion which is used to describe bones that do not heal properly.
  • Premature growth plate closure in children which could lead to a limb-length discrepancy.

Watch YouTube Video: What to Expect after Humerus Fractures. In this video, Dr. Joshua Richards explains the three types of humerus fractures and what to expect from each one.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

If an individual has suffered a bone fracture that requires surgery, such as a broken humerus, it is normal for families to feel stressed. They might be wondering how the injury happened or what the future holds. Families with questions or concerns should take meet with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the ways that an experienced injury lawyer can provide assistance include:

  • Negotiating with insurance companies to help individuals receive higher payouts under their plans.
  • Ensuring that the records related to the accident are accurate.
  • Holding all responsible parties accountable for their actions (or inaction).
  • Taking a case to trial, if required.

Families should know that they are not alone following a serious accident. Meet with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer today to learn more. You and your family could be deserving of a financial settlement.

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Humerus Fracture Surgery:

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