How to Celebrate Thanksgiving During the Pandemic

The Thanksgiving with an Asterisk

Thanksgiving 2020 will probably be one of a kind for many families.  California has issued recommendations that we limit the number of people in our gatherings.  Essentially, the advice is to keep to your own household.  For those that intend on following the recommended guidelines, there are ways to make the best of this year’s celebration of gratitude.

Meal Exchange + Virtual Dining

For friends and family that live close by, you could participate in a meal exchange between a few households. Work together to decide on a menu, then have each family sign up for a dish or two to prepare.  Divide the dish into individual sealed containers to deliver to the other families participating in your meal exchange.  At mealtime, each participating family can eat together over Zoom or other video chat service.  If you have a smart TV, running the feed through its larger screen can make your distanced guests feel more life-sized.  

Another option for a seasonal activity is to cook or bake holiday treats together virtually.  

Keep it Simple – or Go All Out

Because our 2020 guest lists are likely much smaller than during a regular year, there are two very reasonable options to consider, depending on your preference: keep things super simple and easy, or, since you won’t be feeding a large group, explore your inner Top Chef and try more complicated dishes that you may not be confident enough to attempt during a traditional gathering.

Keeping it simple could mean you order your entire meal from a supermarket or restaurant and simply reheat it at home.  

Going all out may mean you try your hand at making a butternut squash tart tatin or gravy-braised turkey legs with cipolline onions.

Watch the YouTube video.  The staff at Bon Appetit share “perfect” Thanksgiving recipes.

Dine al Fresco

Chances are good that there will be no rain in Stockton on Thanksgiving.  Californians have it easier than most when it comes to planning an outdoor gathering.  If you happen to have a fire pit or outdoor heater – all the better.  It is safer for groups of people to socialize outdoors, so if your guest list exceeds the recommendations, consider a backyard celebration.  

An outdoor Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to try grilled turkey, smoked turkey, or a deep-fried bird.  Have your guest bring sides, potluck style.  Be sure to keep some extra sweaters and throw blankets on hand.  

Reconsider Traditions – Or Start a New One

Maybe you have never enjoyed turkey and stuffing.  Thanksgiving 2020 is an opportunity to break away from the expected.  Here are some suggestions for alternative feasts:

Share Your Good Fortune With Others

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to remain employed during the pandemic have a lot to be grateful for.  Many folks have lost loved ones or are experiencing financial hardship.  Food banks will be busier than ever keeping people fed this winter, so if you are in a position to help, consider a donation to the Stockton Food Bank.

Other options for giving include mailing off some of the products of your stress baking to family and friends.  

Finally, it is easy to resort to Amazon, but small businesses are hanging on by a thread.  If you are able, shop local.

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