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Hit and Run Then Run Some More

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December 21, 2017
Edward Smith


Hit and Run Then Run Some More

I’m Ed Smith, a Rio Linda Auto Accident Attorney. A bizarre course of events unfolded at the intersection of 8th and M Streets in Rio Linda after a hit and run accident. No injuries were reported, but the California Highway Patrol (CHP) had to be called to the scene after the driver fled, was apprehended, but then fled again.

What Happened?

On Saturday morning shortly after 8:00, a USPS semi truck was struck at the intersection of 8th street and M street in Rio Linda. The driver of the Chevrolet pickup truck that hit the larger vehicle had run the stop sign at the intersection before coming to a stop partially under the big rig’s trailer. Witness report that the male driver immediately exited the cab of his pickup and fled the scene on foot. The hit and run driver was pursed and returned to the scene after being confronted by a witness, but reportedly fled the scene again with the help of another driver. The pair were followed to a nearby parking lot where they were cornered by two other witnesses until CHP officers arrived and again returned the errant motorist to the scene of the auto accident.

Hit and Run

Fleeing the scene of an auto accident is illegal. Hit and run drivers evade their responsibility for a variety of reasons including intoxication, inadequate insurance coverage, or simple distractions like texting while driving taking their attention off the road. The consequences of a hit and run can be devastating to an injured party. If the offending driver remains at large, the injured person may be left without even minimum liability coverage. That being said, the $15,000/$30,000 policy limit on the most basic required liability coverage can quickly be exhausted as a person receives treatment and rehabilitation after an auto accident. In cases such as this, it can pay to have Uninsured/Under Insured motorist coverage. Generally speaking, this type of plan rider will cover beneficiaries when the responsible party does not have sufficient coverage, but also when the responsible party remains unidentified.

Because of the complicated nature of legal contracts like insurance policies, you may wish to consult with an experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Rio Linda to review your plan documents and ensure you have adequate coverage.

Big Rig Accidents

Accidents with big rigs and other large vehicles can be catastrophic. Gratefully, no injuries were reported in this particularly low speed incident, but that is not always the case. Some injuries commonly sustained in truck accidents include bone fractures, head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, extremity trauma and amputation. In the worst cases, truck accident injuries can prove fatal.

In regards to insurance coverage, commercial vehicles like delivery trucks are required to exercise an exacting standard of care. Vehicles such as these must undergo regular and documented maintenance to ensure they do not put the public at risk. Because of the substantial amounts of liability, truck owners, operators, and insurers may have an incentive to try and obscure evidence and deny your claim. When accidents involving commercial vehicles or other common carriers occur, it is of paramount importance to contact a skilled attorney to protect your interests and preserve evidence.

Dangerous Intersections

Intersections are some of the most dangerous locations for motorists. There are many distractions for drivers today, from complicated navigation and stereo systems to cell phone text messages, and sometimes drivers do not react in time to avoid collisions. Motorists should be especially vigilant when traveling through intersections. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and the blind are particularly vulnerable to injury at these locations.

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