Update | Fatal Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accident on Hammond Avenue in Fresno

Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Fatality in Fresno

The Fresno Police Department reported a fatality following a hit-and-run pedestrian accident on Friday, April 28, 2023. The crash occurred shortly before 1:00 p.m. at Mariposa Avenue and Hammond Avenue in Central Fresno, according to authorities.

Information on the Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Fatality in Fresno

A preliminary release by Fresno PD revealed that a vehicle collided with a female pedestrian in the area. The driver involved in the incident reportedly left the scene following the crash. Sadly, the pedestrian, 56-year-old Fresno resident Juanita Garcia, passed away during hospitalization at CRMC.

Additional details on the hit-and-run pedestrian accident fatality at Mariposa Avenue and Hammond Avenue in Central Fresno were unavailable. An investigation into the incident is ongoing by Fresno PD. Those with information on the hit-and-run are encouraged to contact Fresno PD at (559) 621-7000.

How Can an Attorney Help with a Wrongful Death Case?

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  • Conducting an in-depth investigation into the fatal incident to uncover evidence and determine liability, like video surveillance footage or statements from eyewitnesses
  • Work with a private investigator if the accident involved a hit-and-run driver in tracking down the suspect party and vehicle
  • Collecting evidence of survivor’s damages, such as funeral and burial expenses, loss of companionship, loss of financial support, and more
  • Negotiating for a favorable settlement on behalf of surviving family members in an insurance settlement or taking the case to court if necessary

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Wrongful Death Lawyer in California

Unimaginable grief and pain often come with the sudden loss of someone close to you. This is especially true if the loss was due to another party’s careless or negligent actions. Nothing may undo the devastation or replace the life that was lost. However, filing a claim for wrongful death against the at-fault party with the assistance of a skilled attorney is essential to obtaining justice and closure for you and your family. Having legal counsel on your side can allow you and your family the time needed to focus on grief and rebuilding your lives while they secure a favorable resolution in your case.

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