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Pedestrian Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash on Main Street in Oakley

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December 02, 2022
Edward Smith

Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Crash in Oakley

The Oakley Police Department reported a hit-and-run pedestrian crash with injuries on the night of Tuesday, November 29, 2022. The incident occurred at approximately 7:10 p.m. at Norcross Lane and Main Street, according to Oakley PD.

Details on the Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Crash in Oakley

In a preliminary report by Oakley PD, it was determined that an adult female pedestrian was struck by an SUV. The incident prompted the response of crews from AMR and Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.

A medical helicopter was initially requested for the injured pedestrian, but no units were available. The injured woman was transported via ground ambulance to an area hospital for treatment of arm and head injuries.

The following morning, Oakley PD reported that the suspect driver was allegedly at a Grocery Outlet before the pedestrian accident. This was confirmed through a clerk at the store and video surveillance footage, according to officials. The driver was later arrested in connection with the hit-and-run. No other details were immediately available.

Can You Seek Compensation for Losses from a Pedestrian Accident?

Most car vs. pedestrian crashes involve a driver crashing into someone walking near or across the road. When a motorist fails to exercise due care, they may be held liable for any injuries and damages that result. This is generally accomplished through a personal injury claim. These cases are filed against negligent parties and their insurance companies to seek reimbursement for medical bills, lost earnings, and other damages in connection with injuries suffered in the incident.

If the incident was the result of a hit-and-run, the injured pedestrian may bring a claim through their uninsured motorist coverage even if the suspect party is not identified. However, substantial evidence must demonstrate that the claimant was struck and injured by the suspect vehicle in question. Contact a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer for more information.

Why is it Important to Hire an Attorney for a Pedestrian Accident Case?

A personal injury lawyer in California can get to work quickly to assist you with your case. This includes collecting and preserving evidence demonstrating that the other side was negligent before it is lost or destroyed as time goes on. It is also essential to retain legal counsel to avoid missing the filing deadline applicable to the case. This is usually two years in most personal injury cases per CCP 335.1.

It is not uncommon for a negligent driver and their insurance company to dispute liability for a car vs. pedestrian accident. This is another reason why it is important to hire an attorney. The rules surrounding comparative negligence in California may be challenging to navigate and are one of the many issues that may arise during the legal process.

The assistance of an experienced lawyer may make all the difference in the outcome of your case. When you turn to our legal team for assistance, we will put our knowledge, skills, and resources to work for your claim. We will build a strong case to demonstrate the impact the incident has had on your life and seek maximum financial recovery on your behalf. Watch the video below or call today for a free consultation to learn about the services we provide at our personal injury law firm:

Personal Injury Attorney in Oakley

I’m Ed Smith, an Oakley personal injury attorney. The traumatic and life-changing injuries that may occur from a pedestrian accident are the most challenging part of moving forward from the incident. They may lead to mounting medical bills, wage loss, and intangible harm like pain and suffering. Fortunately, an experienced accident lawyer can help you recover maximum compensation for your damages.

Our legal team from is committed to protecting our client’s rights and helping them rebuild their futures. We understand the immense impact a car vs. pedestrian accident may have on someone’s life. If you would like to discuss your case in detail with one of our lawyers, we will be here to listen and provide free, friendly advice anytime. Call (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400.

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