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Pedestrian Hospitalized After Hit and Run Accident in Brentwood

Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident in Brentwood

The Brentwood Police Department (Brentwood PD) is investigating a hit and run pedestrian injury accident that occurred on the morning of Monday, November 23, 2020. A female pedestrian was hit by a car in Brentwood in the 1000 block of Mill Creek Way. Officers from Brentwood PD were dispatched to the scene and found a woman lying in the roadway. Authorities said she was conscious and alert after the hit and run and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Investigation of the Brentwood Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident

A preliminary investigation by Brentwood PD revealed that a white Ford Mustang reportedly sped through an intersection at Diamond Springs Court and Mill Creek Way. This was where the Ford driver allegedly crashed into a woman running in the area. She landed on the hood and fell to the ground, suffering pain in her back and neck. The Ford driver left the scene of the Brentwood accident and did not stop. Further details on the injury incident were not immediately available as an investigation is underway by Brentwood PD officials for the suspect driver and vehicle.

What Can Be Recovered in a Pedestrian Accident Case?

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, even at low speeds, the trauma may be catastrophic or even fatal in nature. A human body is no match for the weight and impact of a passenger vehicle. The areas of the body that are commonly injured in pedestrian accidents include the abdomen, face, head, lower extremity, pelvis, spine, and upper extremity. The impact of a vehicle may cause catastrophic trauma such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which may leave those affected with life-long disabilities. Serious injuries such as these often require extensive medical treatment, which may impact the pedestrian and their overall quality of life.
When a pedestrian accident is caused by the negligence of a motor vehicle driver, a Brentwood personal injury attorney can review your case and help you make an informed decision on how to seek compensation for your damages, like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact an experienced injury lawyer at our law firm for a free review of your case.

Compensation in a Pedestrian Accident Insurance Claim

The personal injury laws in California allow pedestrians who have been hit by a car to take legal action against the driver responsible for the incident. The insurance company representing the at-fault party will generally cover past and future medical expenses, lost earnings, loss of future wages, pain and suffering, and other damages as a result of the pedestrian accident. An experienced and top-rated Brentwood personal injury attorney can help you understand California personal injury laws applicable to your case and protect your legal right to financial compensation. For information on what to look for in the best attorney to handle your case, watch this video.

Options for Recovery After a Hit and Run Car-Pedestrian Accident

Car insurance policies in California may consist of coverage called uninsured/underinsured motorist protection (UM/UIM). This means the uninsured motorist portion of your car insurance policy may be able to cover you if you were hurt in a hit and run accident as a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcycle rider, driver, or passenger. If you did not have insurance at the time of the injury incident but lived with a relative who did, you may be able to file an uninsured motorist claim against that policy. This is a potential option for recovery of personal injury damages so long as you are not listed as an excluded member of that insurance plan. Were you or a loved one hit by a car as a pedestrian and have questions about your legal options for recovery? Contact a car accident lawyer at today for a free consultation. Let our experience, skills, and resources work for you and your pedestrian accident injury case.

Personal Injury Attorney in Brentwood

I’m Ed Smith, a Brentwood personal injury attorney. If you have been hurt in a Brentwood car-pedestrian accident and someone else was at fault, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings, and other losses. Our car accident lawyers are experienced in handling personal injury claims with difficult insurance companies and have a track record of getting favorable results for our clients. Call our legal team today for a free evaluation of your personal injury case at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400. We provide free, friendly legal advice.

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