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Hit and Run Leaves Car in Shasta Lake Yard

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November 17, 2017
Edward Smith


Hit and Run Leaves Car in Shasta Lake Yard

I’m Ed Smith, a Shasta Lake Car Accident Lawyer. Three people were involved in a car accident on Monday, October 30.

What Happened?

Monday evening at around 7:25, Genevieve Seely and an unnamed man heard the screech of skidding tires followed by a loud crash just outside her home on Cabello Street, close to where it meets Bonneville Street in Shasta Lake. The man ran outside to find three people climbing out of a wrecked vehicle in the driveway. One of the two males yelled, “Sorry” as he and another male and female all fled the area, leaving their ruined car in the driveway. The vehicle, a red, 2005 Nissan Altima had come to rest on top of a pickup truck that had been parked in the driveway, alongside the house.

Police Respond to Scene

Local police were called to investigate and to try and find the three suspects who fled the scene. With a lack of witnesses, officials are not sure exactly what happened but it appears to have been caused by excessive speeding. The driver must have lost control of the vehicle and applied the brakes to slow the car which caused the car to skid. The car continued to slide until it hit a curb which launched the vehicle into the air. The Nissan Altima’s flight carried it into a tree where it bounced off and landed on the pickup that was parked a few feet from the tree. From a photo of the wreckage, it appears that a second vehicle was also parked in the driveway and most likely received damage to its driver-side.

The homeowner, Genevieve, has lived in that same house since 1960 and voiced her frustration at how her efforts such as building and planting community gardens to make the area a better place have been seemingly ineffectual. The Shasta County Sherriff’s office could not track down the suspects that night and are asking anyone who may know them or have additional information to call the station at 530-245-6040. The red Nissan did have Connecticut license plates which may help to identify the three occupants.

Possible Injuries

No injuries were reported to the deputies who responded to the car accident but that is because the suspects that fled were the only people actually in the accident. We can assume that there were no debilitating injuries as the three people escaped and ran away on foot but they still may have received minor to moderate injuries. Sometimes concussions do not manifest themselves with signs and symptoms until days or weeks after the initial trauma. The speed involved to cause the car to be airborne after hitting a curb could have resulted in head trauma as the occupants could have hit the dashboard or roof of the car.

Adrenaline coursing through the body could have also masked the pain of injuries and aided the suspects in the ability to flee without even knowing they were injured. Once the pain-masking effects of the adrenaline wear off, a person will start to feel and realize they could be in bad shape. Other effects from car accidents such as muscle soreness or swelling have delayed effects and don’t cause pain right away.

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