Hit-and-Run Involving Trash Truck Occurs in North Highlands

Accident on Roseville Road Causes Injuries

A hit-and-run involving a trash truck occurred in North Highlands on December 8 that caused injuries. The accident was reported shortly before 10:00 a.m. on Roseville Road between Myrtle Avenue and Winona Way. According to the report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a collision occurred between a trash truck and a Honda Civic. 

Suspect Vehicle Sought in Hit-and-Run Involving a Garbage Truck

Although the suspect vehicle may have remained in the vicinity, no additional information was provided about the accident with the garbage truck. Medics with the local fire department were called to the scene to assess injuries. The CHP is investigating the collision to determine how it happened.

Trash Truck Accident Injuries

Injuries and fatalities to garbage and recycling truck workers are not uncommon. They work incredibly long hours six days a week and face hazards from other drivers. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2017, more than 1,400 injuries occurred to garbage truck workers as well as 25 fatalities. Some of the reasons working as a trash collector is so dangerous includes:

  • Workers often begin before dawn, which increases the risk of an accident.
  • Drivers might stop in the middle of the road to save time. In addition, parking and curb space is not necessarily available and slows them on their route.
  • The trucks are constantly stopping and starting, which increases accident risk.
  • Workers can fall from the vehicle and be injured.
  • A negligent motorist can crash into the truck, injuring workers and the driver.
  • The trash truck may strike one of the workers, causing a serious injury or fatality.

Safety Measures That Can Help Protect Workers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made recommendations to increase the safety of trash and recycling truck workers, which include:

  • Provide a slip-resistant surface for the riding steps with specific recommendations on the size and weight allowance
  • Post warnings limiting riders on the steps from being there when the vehicle is traveling faster than 10 mph or is backing
  • Ensure the warning device when the vehicle is backing is in working order
  • Provide grab handles with a 500-pound pull on the riding steps, which adds an important safety feature for workers

The National Solid Waste Management Association includes these features to improve safety:

  • The driver and workers should maintain visual contact.
  • When backing, the side mirrors should be repeatedly checked.
  • Use hand signals when backing.
  • Use a spotter to keep in contact with the driver and any blind spots to avoid accidents.
  • Workers should remain distant from the vehicle if it is backing or the alarm is going.
  • The driver should stop the truck if the spotter changes position.
  • If the visual contact with the spotter is lost, the driver should stop the truck.

Obtaining Compensation Following a Trash Truck Accident

Despite these safety measures, accidents still happen, especially when a negligent driver strikes the vehicle or workers. Any type of accident can result in injuries, and an injury lawyer can help a person injured through another’s negligence in obtaining fair compensation. Although workers’ compensation can be obtained if the company or another employee is at fault, when a third party is the cause, the injured worker may obtain compensation from either their insurance company or by taking the case to civil court to recover damages.

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