Sacramento Intersection Crash Injures Driver in Hit-and-Run

Hit-and-Run Driver Involved in 47th Avenue Intersection Crash

A Sacramento intersection crash on September 7 left behind an injured driver when the other motorist fled the scene. The collision occurred at the intersection of 47th Avenue and 47th Street in the Lemon Hill area around 5:00 p.m. However, a caller to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the female driver of the struck sedan appeared to be injured. 

Police Seek Fleeing Driver in Lemon Hill Intersection Crash

The vehicle was left blocking the roadway, and a good Samaritan was helping move the car out of the way. Sacramento Fire Department medics arrived at the scene to assess injuries. Authorities provided no information on whether the injured woman received treatment at the location or was taken to a hospital. The CHP traffic accident unit is determining how the collision occurred and seeking information about the hit-and-run driver. 

Intersections Are Common Locations for Hit-and-Runs

A Sacramento intersection crash can involve a hit-and-run driver for various reasons. Usually, the driver is negligent by speeding, being intoxicated or distracted or for other reasons. Because intersections often have three different directions to leave the scene, the driver can take that opportunity instead of staying and taking responsibility for their actions.

Finding a Fleeing Driver in an Intersection Accident

Locating the missing driver is essential so that they can be held responsible for damages. By investigating the scene, we’ve successfully located these drivers, especially in an intersection collision. Some of the investigation techniques we use include:

  • Surveillance cameras are standard at many intersections, so it isn’t unusual for one to have captured the accident as it occurred. The footage can help identify the vehicle.
  • Interviewing witnesses can provide helpful information to locate the driver involved in the intersection crash and the vehicle. Fleeing drivers often live near the area where the collision occurred. Sometimes, a witness uses their cell phone to videotape the accident or its aftermath, capturing pictures of the fleeing car.
  • Reviewing the police report sometimes offers clues about the fleeing driver.
  • Examining the scene can produce evidence such as paint flecks and dropped pieces of headlight, which can pinpoint the vehicle’s make and model.

If police apprehend the driver, they can be held responsible for accident injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering by filing a claim to recover damages. If not, the injured party may use an auto insurance add-on to help cover their expenses.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage Can Cover Injuries

A motorist’s uninsured/underinsured policy can cover medical costs if the fleeing driver isn’t located. If the motorist didn’t elect to take this add-on insurance, but another family member has it, the injured party can use it. The rates remain the same.

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