Hit-and-Run Causes Injuries Near Grass Valley

Accident on Golden Chain Highway Results in Injuries

A hit-and-run resulting in injuries occurred along Golden Chain Highway south of Grass Valley on February 14. The collision happened around 9:36 a.m. along State Route 49, just south of Upward Way. It involved a Toyota Tundra pickup, a Lincoln Navigator, and another black four-door sedan, according to the report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Authorities Seek Hit-and-Run Driver

One of the vehicles fled the scene following the collision in which injuries were reported. An investigation is underway to discover how the accident happened and to locate the hit-and-run driver

Locating the Driver of a Hit-and-Run

It is important to locate the person responsible for your injuries if they fled the accident scene. To help bring hit-and-run drivers to justice, our injury lawyers have a good track record of locating their whereabouts. It is horrible to be injured by someone who does not accept responsibility for what they’ve done. The injured party should not also face the financial consequences. The investigators we dispatch collect the evidence we need to catch the driver, including:

  • Our investigators gather evidence such as metal fragments dropped from the vehicle and smears of paint at the scene of the accident caused by the hit-and-run driver. Cars and light trucks can be identified by these items.
  • The area’s traffic cameras are checked to see if a hit-and-run driving accident was caught on film.
  • A review of the police accident report is conducted to ensure its accuracy and to find out if any useful information is included or errors exist in it.
  • Interviews are conducted with witnesses. The witness may be able to provide a description of the vehicle and driver. Occasionally, the accident is recorded on a cell phone by a witness.
  • When an accident is reconstructed, the cause of the collision is often revealed. It can also point toward which driver was at fault. Accident reconstruction is often used when negotiating with an insurance company or when presenting a case in civil court.

After we locate the hit-and-run driver, we use the resulting evidence to build a strong case to support the injured client’s claim. 

Accident Compensation Following a Hit-and-Run

Clients often worry that they won’t receive compensation if the driver flees without being apprehended. It is also possible that the fleeing driver does not have enough insurance to cover your losses. When the hit-and-run driver is found but does not have auto insurance, we help our clients use their underinsured/uninsured driver policies to pay for their injury damages.

An Underinsured/Uninsured Driver Policy: What It Is and How It Works

Adding this to vehicle insurance is an option offered to drivers. Considering the number of California drivers who are uninsured or have only bare-minimum coverage, this kind of insurance is strongly recommended. Up to the policy limit of your coverage, this optional insurance covers all injuries suffered by you and your family members. Using an umbrella policy is the best way to cover medical and other damages, even if the injured party only has minimum coverage.

In the video below, attorney Ed Smith discusses uninsured insurance coverage:

Grass Valley Car Accident Lawyer

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