Hit-and-Run Accident Results in Injuries in Sacramento

Two-Vehicle Hit-and-Run Leaves One Person Injured

A hit-and-run accident causing injuries happened in Sacramento on September 15. The collision involved two vehicles along the West Side Freeway at the Richards Boulevard off-ramp around 5:30 p.m. It was reported by California Highway Patrol (CHP) police as a two-vehicle hit-and-run. 

Person Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident Taken to Methodist Hospital

Police removed the vehicles off the roadway to an area by Q and 2nd streets. One party was transported by emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department to Methodist Hospital of Sacramento for a complaint of pain to the head. No information has been released yet on the condition of the person who was injured. The CHP is investigating the hit-and-run accident to determine how it happened.

California Hit-and-Runs

A hit-and-run happens when a driver leaves the accident site. It also occurs when the motorist hits a parked, unmanned vehicle or property such as a mailbox and does not leave contact information behind.

Classifying an accident as a hit-and-run is not necessarily linked to fault. Anyone who does not stop at the accident site is still considered a fleeing driver in the eyes of the law, even if they were not responsible for it.  

Hit and Run Collisions

The number of hit-and-run collisions has increased in the last decade. This occurred in spite of hefty fines and penalties. Some of the most common reasons these accidents occur are:

  • A motorist panics and leaves the scene of the accident.
  • The motorist does not have a driver’s license and fears they will face penalties and fines.
  • The driver does not have proper registration.
  • A motorist is inebriated and does not want to be caught.
  • The driver is impaired by drugs. 
  • The car is stolen.
  • The driver has warrants out for their arrest.

What Can You Do to Help Apprehend a Hit-and-Run Driver?

Other than receiving prompt and necessary medical care, an injured party and witnesses are the first-line of information in a hit-and-run accident. Here are a few tips about what can be done:

  • Note which way the fleeing driver was headed when he or she left the scene.
  • Note the make of the vehicle, its model and color if possible.
  • Write down the license plate number (even a few digits are enough to trace it).
  • Describe the driver and note if they had any special adornments or features.
  • Note if stickers or decals were on the vehicle.
  • Check your car and describe the color of paint smears left behind on your vehicle and take a photo of it since manufacturers use special colors for different models and years.
  • If a mirror or a piece of a fender off the hit-and-run vehicle was left behind, take a picture of it and let law enforcement know when they arrive.
  • Note if witnesses saw the accident, and if possible, get their contact information. 
  • Look for surveillance cameras and note their location.

Who Pays for Damages If the Driver Is not Apprehended?

Many people involved in a hit-and-run accident worry about who will pay for damages if the driver disappears. While we work hard to apprehend the fleeing driver, it does not always happen. In such cases, our law firm helps the injured party to obtain compensation using their own insurance. 

In California, every driver is offered an addendum to their auto insurance policy that covers underinsured/uninsured drivers. With the number of uninsured drivers in the state, this option is widely chosen. It pays for the damages even if the at-fault party leaves the scene of the accident and can be used by every member of the family. There is no hike in insurance premiums either. 

How Our Firm Helps

Since evidence is a crucial part of every accident scene, our firm dispatches experienced investigators as soon as possible. They go over the area thoroughly and obtain video footage of the accident from public surveillance cameras and those belonging to businesses nearby. 

Our investigators also review the police report for mistakes and use accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability. They look for road and other defects linked to government agencies. An example of this would be a visually blocked traffic sign or a faulty traffic light unlinked to the fleeing driver. 

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