Hit and Run Accident Near Elk Grove Results in Multiple Injuries

Multiple-Vehicle Collision on State Route 99 in Elk Grove Area

Injuries were reported in a multiple-vehicle hit and run collision along State Route 99 at Elk Grove on April 26. The crash occurred shortly before 7:00 in the evening just north of the Dillard Road entrance ramp and involved four vehicles. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the collisions happened on a bridge under construction and involved a Volvo SD90, a Ford Raptor pickup, and several Hondas. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department and officers with the Elk Grove Police Department were also at the scene. 

One Driver Flees on Foot

The driver of a Honda CRV fled on foot by jumping over a fence and was reported to be running toward a golf course. It was reported that at least several parties were transported to a hospital for treatment and evaluation, although no information was given on their injuries. The accident was reported by police as a hit and run with injuries. 

Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles

Determining liability in a multiple-vehicle collision is often more difficult than a normal accident where two cars collide. This is because more than one driver may have been negligent, and vehicles may have been hit numerous times. By using forensic experts, it can be determined which vehicle was primarily at fault and if there was negligence by other drivers. For example, one motorist may have slammed on the brakes, causing other vehicles to crash into the first car. Then again, it could be the second vehicle that was speeding and crashed into the first, but the third driver was talking on a cell phone at the time and did not react quickly enough to stop before colliding with the first two. It’s easy to understand why having an Elk Grove personal injury attorney by your side is important. 

Collecting Damages Following a Hit and Run

By collecting evidence at the scene and consulting with police investigators, a fleeing driver can be located in a number of cases. My office has the finances and resources to work toward locating a hit and run driver and is successful in many instances. We consult with police and use accident reconstruction and forensic specialists to track down the offender. Our investigators interview the witnesses as well as conducting an extensive investigation, which includes matching paint smears to locate the make and model of the vehicle. Remember, though, that time is important in locating a hit and run driver, so please schedule your free consultation as soon as you can. As time passes, evidence disappears or is destroyed.

When a Hit and Run Driver Cannot Be Located

When it isn’t possible to locate a fleeing driver, there is another option open to many to collect the compensation they need to pay for their expenses. This is through uninsured/underinsured coverage. These policies are offered to all California drivers as an option and cover injuries to the motorist whether he or she is driving, bicycling or walking. It also covers passengers in the vehicle. If the individual who was injured does not have the uninsured coverage, then they can still place a claim if another family member in the household carries it. Using the coverage under an uninsured policy rider means that the insurance rate will not be affected.

Elk Grove Personal Injury Lawyer

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