Recovery After a Hip Injury in a Car Accident

Recovery After a Hip Injury in a Car Accident

Following a severe hip injury, the recovery process can take many different forms. The hips play an essential role in the body as they provide strength, support, flexibility, and mobility for both the torso and the lower body. Some of the factors that are likely to play a role include:

  • The type of hip injury that was sustained
  • Whether or not the injury was on one side only or on both sides
  • The possible complications that might have developed
  • The overall health of the individual

Because hips injuries are common in car accidents, it is crucial for everyone to understand how these different factors might impact the person’s recovery process.

The Type and Severity of the Hip Injury

The recovery process following an injury of the hip will depend on the type of injury that was sustained. A few of the examples include:

  • Hip Fracture: A hip fracture occurs when the socket of the hip has been broken in some way. This socket is called the acetabulum. In some cases, a hip fracture could also be accompanied by a serious femur fracture. Because the femoral head inserts into the hip socket, these injuries are often found together.
  • Hip Dislocation: A hip dislocation occurs when the head of the femur is removed from the hip socket. In some cases, this dislocation can be reduced without requiring surgery. In other situations, surgery is needed to place the femoral head back in the hip socket. If the injury requires surgery, the recovery process will be prolonged.
  • Bilateral versus Unilateral: Another factor that needs to be considered is the possibility of a bilateral versus a unilateral injury. In some situations, particularly those that involve an auto accident, both hips could be injured. A bilateral injury is going to have a more complicated process than a unilateral injury.

Although the type and severity of the injury will play a role in the recovery process, other factors must be considered, as well.

Possible Complications of Serious Hip Trauma

The recovery process could encounter some complications that can lengthen the healing process. Some of the difficulties that might occur include:

  • Possible compromise of the blood flow to the femoral head termed avascular necrosis, which might require emergency surgery.
  • Infections that might develop in the injured hip, called a septic hip or septic arthritis.
  • Nerves that run through the hip that might be damaged in a hip injury.

If these complications occur, they will make achieving a full recovery more difficult. In some situations, the complications might even lead to a repeat hospital stay.

The Person’s Overall Health Will Impact the Recovery Process

The overall health of the individual will also play a role in the recovery process. Certain health conditions could make the recovery process more challenging. Some of the crucial points to remember about this recovery include:

  • Elderly individuals might have a more difficult time recovering following an injury of the hip.
  • Some health conditions, such as diabetes, might make the recovery process more difficult due to possible blood vessel complications.
  • Those who have an immunodeficiency are more likely to develop an infection during their recovery.
  • People who are overweight or obese might have issues with physical therapy.

Healthier individuals are more likely to have an easier time recovering after a serious injury. After seeking medical care, it is also a good idea to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Modesto. Make sure to review all options before making a decision.

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