Hip Flexor Tear

Hip Flexor Tear

Hip injuries are some of the most common issues that people involved in a car accident can sustain. One of the many causes of hip pain is a hip flexor tear; however, this is far from the only reason. Someone who suffers a hip injury in a traumatic accident might face a long, uphill recovery process that might require surgery. According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the many different causes of hip pain include:

  • The development of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or other autoimmune conditions in the hip
  • Issues and conditions related to the lower back
  • A strain of the muscles in and around the pelvis
  • Inflammation of the bursa in the hip called bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • An infection of the hip, such as septic arthritis or osteomyelitis
  • A chronic condition called Perthes disease
  • A slipped cap femoral epiphysis

If someone tears the muscles that insert in and around the hip, this is called a hip flexor tear. This is an especially painful injury that could make it difficult to walk.

Symptoms of a Hip Flexor Tear

The job of the hip flexors is to move the hip in and out, opening and closing the legs. These muscles play a crucial role in the mobility of the hip. Injuries of the hip flexor can make it hard to walk, run, and use the stairs. In an auto accident, people can have their legs pinned and twisted in awkward, sudden movements. This can lead to a stretch of the hip flexors past their breaking point, leading to a tear. Some of the symptoms of a hip flexor tear include:

  • Sudden, sharp pain at the hip
  • The inability to move the leg
  • Trouble walking or standing
  • Significant bruising over the hip
  • A cramping sensation of the thigh

Sometimes, these symptoms can be confused with other traumatic injuries. When people visit the doctor, he or she will likely put the individual through a series of physical examination techniques to test the strength of the hip. Through this examination, a tear of the hip flexor should become evident. Then, the treatment process can begin.

Treatment and Recovery Following a Tear of the Hip Flexor

If someone has been diagnosed with a tear of the hip flexor, the treatment process involves several different aspects working together. These include:

Pain Management: A hip flexor injury can be particularly painful and it is important to control the pain during the recovery process. This means using anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin and Tylenol, ice, and heat to relax the muscles and relieve discomfort. In some cases, opioid medications might be needed. Muscle relaxants can also be helpful.

Physical Therapy: Small tears can be managed with physical therapy. Over time, the fibers will heal. Stretching and strengthening the muscles is of critical importance during this recovery. Gradually, people should feel their hip return to full strength.

Surgery: Large tears, such as those seen in traumatic accidents, might require surgical repair. In this procedure, the fibers will be sewn back together. It is important to note that physical therapy is often required after this procedure to strengthen the hip flexors.

Watch YouTube Video: When to See a Doctor about Chronic Hip Pain. In this video, Dr. Steven Allsing with Sharp Grossmont Hospital explains the symptoms of chronic hip pain and advises when to see a doctor.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

Someone who is recovering from a serious hip injury is likely going to suffer from long-term discomfort. They might even have trouble walking. Seeing a loved one in so much pain can be devastating for family members and friends. During this time, it is critical to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the ways that an injury attorney can help include:

  • Serving as an objective presence who can help family members sort through all of their options, placing them in an appropriate position to make a recovery.
  • Working with accident reconstruction professionals to make sure that the mechanism of the accident has been listed correctly.
  • Reviewing records and helping individuals seek damages related to their injuries, emotional pain, and suffering.
  • Moving a case to the courts when required.

Nobody should ever have to face such a tough situation alone. An experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyer can help families during the recovery process. You and your family could be entitled to a financial reward.

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