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Highway 99 Accident

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November 16, 2016
Edward Smith

Highway 99 Accident

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Highway 99 Accident

I’m Ed Smith, an accident attorney in Sacramento. It was a miserable drive along northbound Highway 99 through Sacramento this morning as commuters tried to inch their way towards Highway 50. It’s bad enough to be delayed by one traffic collision. It’s even more of a headache trying to manuever past two traffic accidents within a short distance of each other. Needless to say, many motorists were delayed due to Highway 99 accidents this morning.

Highway 99 Accident Near Mack Road

This morning during commute time motorists got delayed due to an accident near Mack Road. While that collision was being cleared away by the California Highway Patrol, motorists experienced another delay due to a crash further down Highway 99.

Highway 99 Accident Near 12th Avenue

After passing through the crash in the vicinity of Mack Road we were delayed again while rescue personnel cleared an accident at 12th Avenue. Some drivers exited the highway at 47th Avenue when the flow off traffic came to a bitter halt. Franklin Boulevard experienced heavier traffic than usual as motorists tried to make their way to their destinations using this alternate route.

What are the Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents?

Car accidents cause traumatic injuries each year and some 35,000 deaths annually in the US. Auto accidents are the leading contibutor of preventable deaths in the US. Therefore, it is crucial to know the leading factors contributing to car crashes. Here is what the research shows:

  1. Speeding/Reckless Driving – Failing to follow the posted speed limit is the #1 cause of traffic collisions in our country.
  2. Use of Cell Phone – Texting While Driving: Cell phone use has increased the level of danger on our highways and roads. In response there are strict anti-texting laws. Cause a death due to texting while driving may get you charged with manslaughter.
  3. Distracted Driving – Texting isn’t the only form of distracted driving. Some common types of distractions contributing to traffic accidents include reaching for objects while driving, eating, listening to loud music or changing the dial, smoking and looking or talking with other occupants in the vehicle.
  4. Driver Fatigue – Sleepy driving: A study published recently indicated that driver fatigue caused 2.5-3.0 percent of all traffic related fatalities in our country.
  5. Drunk or Drugged Driving – Driving under the influence greatly increases highway traffic injuries and fatalities.
  6. Rubber-necking – Rubbernecking is also a form of distracted driving and increases traffic accidents.
  7. Auto Defects – Common auto defects which cause serious injuries to the occupants in a car include, seatbelt defects, defective tires, defective airbags, roof design defects and injuries or deaths caused when vehicles rollover.
  8. Roadway Defects – Improper design of highway and/or roads can result in hundreds of car accident fatalities annually. Liable parties may include CalTrans, construction/design contractors for improper installation of traffic lights, trees/shubbery and roadway signs and signals.
  9. Weather Conditions – Examples include rain, icy roads and high winds.
  10. Construction Zones – Sometimes road construction workers fail to safely cone off construction zones resulting in auto accidents.

Remember, the majority of causes listed above are preventable. In order to avoid a Highway 99 accident, we need to really understand the top 10 causes of car wrecks. Then we can each do our part to eliminate, or at least reduce, poor driving behavior.

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