Highway 50 Collision Involved 5 Vehicles in Sacramento

Highway 50 Collision Involved 5 Vehicles in Sacramento

Highway 50 Collision Involved 5 Vehicles in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. A collision in South Sacramento along westbound U.S. Highway 50 on July 31, 2018, involving five vehicles resulted in at least one injury, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The accident was initially reported by an automated system on one of the vehicles saying that the SUV had been involved in a crash and calling for assistance.

What Happened

The multiple vehicle collision happened at the connection with State Route 51 south and the westbound side of U.S. 50 shortly before 4:00 in the afternoon. It involved a Toyota Tundra pickup and a Ford Edge, along with three SUVs, a BMW X3, Acura MDX and Ford Explorer. It is unknown at this time which vehicle initially caused the crash. That will be determined by investigators with the CHP. All of the vehicles ended up in the center divide, and one woman was injured saying that someone had struck her and that she was hurt. The Sacramento Fire Department was called to the scene so that paramedics could attend to the woman’s injuries. It has not been reported whether the injured woman was treated at the scene or taken to a local hospital for further evaluation.

Safety Features Call for Help

New safety devices are available in some motor vehicles or can be added through an app that plugs into a port near your steering wheel and can call 911 if the car is in a collision. By providing crash alerts, authorities are immediately notified in the event of a collision, which can result in help arriving faster.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents Are More Dangerous

Multiple vehicle collisions can be one of the deadliest types of car accidents because vehicles may be struck multiple times from different directions. Following the initial collision between two vehicles, other drivers may be caught unaware or collide with other motorists in an attempt to avoid the first crash. This makes it difficult to determine fault in an accident. However, an experienced multiple vehicle collision attorney can use forensics and expert crash reconstructionists to determine fault in an accident of this type. The most common types of injuries in a multiple-vehicle collision include:

  • Neck injuries: Cervical strain or sprain occurs when the head is violently thrown forward and backward. Damaged discs and cervical dislocation can also happen. Vision may be affected as well as the ability to move the head and neck.
  • Broken bones: Broken or fractured bones are difficult enough; however, a bone break may also affect other body parts such as causing a punctured lung. Hip and pelvic fractures can be serious and can affect the individual throughout their lifetime.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: This type of injury may be caused by hitting the windshield or metal parts in the vehicle’s interior. They may also be caused by objects flying through the air. TBIs may result in permanent incapacitation with lost cognitive ability and are a common cause of death in a motor vehicle collision.
  • Amputations: While less common, amputations do occur in motor vehicle accidents, particularly to the upper limbs. These types of injuries can require the use of a prosthetic limb afterward to help regain some normal function.
  • Spinal and back injuries: Sprains, fractured vertebrae, and herniated discs can occur in a collision. Many car accident injuries to the back in a motor vehicle collision are located in the lower portion of the spine, causing significant pain and limited mobility.

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