Highway 50 Accident near Kyburz Results in Injuries

Moderate Injuries Reported in Highway 50 Accident

A Highway 50 accident involving a head-on crash near Kyburz in El Dorado County occurred on January 13 and resulted in injuries on a snowy day. The collision occurred sometime before 9:00 a.m. Chain controls were in effect that day, except for 4-wheel-drive vehicles equipped with snow tires, limiting speed to under 25 mph. 

Traffic Halted Due to Highway 50 Accident

Officials with the El Dorado County Fire Prevention District reported that a Penske transport truck and an SUV were involved, and moderate injuries were suffered. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) also responded to the accident. Traffic was halted in both directions. 

Traffic Accident Investigators Determining Cause of Collision

Delays were expected due to the difficulty of getting wreckers to clear the vehicles. The CHP traffic collision unit is conducting an investigation to determine what happened to cause the crash.

Accidents Involving Rent-a-Trucks

Renting box trucks to transport goods or move homes is becoming increasingly popular and widespread. Even though rental trucks can provide efficient transportation, there are risks associated with operating them. Several recent studies have found an increase in accidents involving rental trucks. 

A Rental Truck Accident Is Often Fatal or Results in Serious Injuries

Approximately one-fifth of all motor vehicle accidents involve rental trucks. In contrast, private cars and trucks are responsible for only 10 percent of fatalities. Rental trucks, therefore, are involved in accidents twice as often as other vehicles. Inexperienced drivers often cause these accidents due to their inability to maneuver in tight spaces or handle larger vehicles, which leads to collisions.

Rental Trucks Often Lack Safety Features and Regular Inspections

It is common for rental trucks to lack safety features designed to protect drivers and others on the road. These technologies include airbags, antilock brakes, and other advanced safety features. Rental companies don’t always inspect their cars properly before renting them, which could affect the accident rate, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Getting compensation for damages caused by a box truck accident is easier with the help of an injury lawyer.

Accidents Involving Rental Trucks Are Most Commonly Caused by Driver Negligence

A rental truck collision in a Highway 50 accident can happen for many reasons, and recognizing them can prevent severe injuries and property damage. Drivers of rental box trucks are often negligent or distracted, which results in accidents. Driving aggressively, turning without signaling, and running red lights and stop signs are also serious offenses associated with serious collisions. When lack of maintenance or renting a vehicle to someone they should not have and a serious Highway 50 accident occurs, the rental company itself can be held liable for injuries in an accident.

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