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Highway 12 Accident Claims at Least One Life

Fatal Accident at Highway 12 and Beck Avenue

An automobile accident that occurred at the intersection of Highway 12 and Beck Avenue in Fairfield has claimed the life of at least one person and caused injuries to multiple others, according to information released by the Fairfield Fire Department.

The incident occurred on Thursday, April 22, 2021. The intersection of Highway 12 and Beck is large, with multiple lanes in each direction of travel. The intersection is governed by traffic control lights. 

A statement issued by Fairfield Fire indicated that there were “multiple patients” and that at least one vehicle occupant was trapped, requiring extrication. The fatal nature of the accident was confirmed by a representative of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Highway 12 Was Once Known as Blood Alley

The span of California Highway 12 from Lodi to Fairfield once had the gruesome nickname “Blood Alley” due to the high number of deaths from auto accidents that occurred along the stretch. Upgrades to the highway were completed in 2010, which brought the number of yearly fatalities down. Some of the improvements to the once-rural two-lane road included: 

  • Eight-foot shoulders
  • Shoulder and centerline rumble strips
  • New pavement

Additionally, vertical and horizontal curves were reduced to give motorists improved sight distance. 

Unfortunately, the improvements did not put an end to Highway 12 fatalities. Just last month, there was a fatal accident on Highway 12 near Jackson Slough in Sacramento County, and a pedestrian was killed in Sonoma as he tried to cross a portion of the highway – in the same area that several other pedestrian accidents had occurred in the months prior. 

Watch the YouTube video.  The short clip below documents the barrier placed along Highway 12 intended to decrease the number of head-on collisions.

Highway 12 and Beck Avenue 

This is not the first fatal collision to occur at this particular intersection.  In February 2019, there was a major accident that required that the highway be closed in both directions.  When the Fairfield Police Department noted the 2019 accident and road closure on its Facebook page, the comment section filled up with citizens noting how dangerous the intersection is and suggesting changes to make it safer. People shared their anecdotal accounts of drivers flying through red lights and the need for a traffic light delay.  

Fixing Dangerous Intersections 

Any large intersection where motorists speed up to make the light is going to be hazardous. When drivers know that if they miss the green, they will have to wait for five minutes or more to proceed, this can cause a false incentive to speed through a yellow light, or worse, blow through a red light. Red-light running causes some of the most severe automobile accidents. Usually, the solution to such an issue is to hit motorists in their pocketbooks. Because it is so dangerous, the fine for running a red light is high. Dangerous intersections have been remedied by the addition of red-light cameras. Alternatively, posting a police officer at the intersection to pull over anyone disregarding the traffic signals could have the same effect. 

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