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High-Speed Collision in Sacramento Shuts Down Three Lanes

Major Injury Reported in 90 MPH Crash on Cap City Freeway

A high-speed collision resulting in major injuries along the Capital City Freeway on May 3 caused the closure of three lanes. The activity log of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the vehicle involved was traveling up to 90 mph when it hit a guardrail, obliterating it along the northbound lanes of the freeway close to Watt Avenue. Shortly afterward, Caltrans tweeted that the fast lane was open, while the other three lanes were shut down as repairs were made. All lanes were reopened by 1:45 p.m.

Speeding and Accident Injuries

Speeding is a major problem in the Sacramento area and leads to many injuries and fatalities each year. Speed limits are instituted to increase safety, so a violation of this traffic law can have serious repercussions. The National Safety Council reports that in 2019, 26 percent of all traffic fatalities involved speeding, which is the majority of deaths reported in accidents. 

In a 2020 report by the National Law Review, a federal study of more than 12 million vehicles stated that two-thirds of drivers were exceeding the speed limit. Reasons why a speeding vehicle is more likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities in a collision include:

  • The force of the impact is increased: Speed is related to the energy released during a traffic accident. In a high-speed collision, the velocities of both vehicles combine. This causes more damage to the vehicles, worse injuries to those inside and reduces the effectiveness of seat belts, airbags and the vehicle’s crumple zones.
  • Speeding increases the risk of an accident: When a driver is speeding, they need a longer reaction time, and the vehicle requires a longer distance to stop. For example, a driver moving along at 70 mph will find it harder to avoid an accident if an animal darts into the road or another vehicle has stopped ahead suddenly. Even if the driver avoids a high-speed collision, the risk is higher at that point of the motorist losing control and crashing.
  • Curves are more dangerous for speeders: When a driver is speeding during inclement weather, on gravel roads or along curves, it becomes more difficult to retain control of the vehicle. These factors can contribute to a high-speed collision.

Why Do Drivers Speed?

Speeding is common along Northern California roads. Reasons for this disregard for public safety include:

  • Everyone else is speeding: Herd mentality can be a problem when many other people are speeding along a highway. When one vehicle drops behind, they tend to speed up to keep up with the pack, even though it could lead to a high-speed collision. In addition, police officers who allow drivers to exceed the limit without any repercussions encourage this type of behavior.
  • Emotions play into speeding: Drivers who are stressed about their personal relationships, jobs or happen to be late for an appointment are known to speed. Speeding is used as a way to express their anger or frustration. In some cases, it becomes aggressive driving or road rage.
  • Drivers in a rush: Drivers these days often have full schedules from work to taking their children to sports practice and dance lessons as well as shopping. To try and fit more in and make appointments on time, they speed to do it faster.
  • Drivers looking for thrills: Whether it is a sense of freedom or just the thrill, some drivers speed for the fun of it. 

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