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August 16, 2019
Edward Smith

New Regulations on Headlight Safety 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently writing rules to establish new standards regarding headlight safety. People are eagerly awaiting these new regulations, which will improve drivers visibility in the dark. It is just a matter of time until automakers and consumers receive the rules that will legalize the car technology in the United States. The technology required to construct higher-quality headlights is already accessible in other parts of the world, such as Europe and Canada. In addition to the advancements made in lighting technology, the NHTSA is implementing stricter testing procedures for car manufacturers.

Information on Adaptive Driving Beams

In Europe, numerous countries currently operate this new headlight technology, called adaptive driving beams (ADBs). With ADBs, oncoming motorists do not have to worry about the blinding effect of bright headlights that many of U.S. drivers are all too familiar with. ADB headlights ensure that your headlights do not point upwards towards the eyes of other motorists and instead illuminate street signs, pedestrians, and other things on the road.

ADB Headlight Features

ADB headlights consist of full-time high beams, LED lights, and systems that are structured to make the headlights focus on potential obstacles on the sides of the road. Another fantastic feature of ADBs is their use of digital cameras, which are meant to detect approaching vehicles and control the LED lights. This software can turn selected LED lights on or off and are supposed to have the lifetime of a car.

According to Jennifer Stockburger, head of Consumer Reports headlight test program, traditional low beam headlights do not always provide a sufficient amount of illumination for motorists. Lack of lighting can reduce a driver’s visibility of their surroundings and therefore makes them more vulnerable to hitting other cars, pedestrians, animals, or other obstacles. It has been suggested that using high beams could solve the illumination issue. However, most drivers (64% according to a new survey) don’t regularly use their high beams.

Watch YouTube Video: LED Array Adaptive High Beam System. The animated video below demonstrates the newly developed LED adaptive high beam headlights and compares it to conventional headlights.

Nighttime Driving Tips

While we wait for the day where ADB lights are legal in the U.S., there are things you can do today to increase your safety on roads at night. Using the high beam headlights while you’re driving at night is recommended. Also, be mindful of the appropriate times to turn them off to avoid excessive glare for approaching drivers. The additional illumination that high beams provide could be the difference between hitting the brake on time and reacting too late. Use your best judgment while you are driving.

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