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June 21, 2023
Edward Smith

Grass Valley Highway Head-On Crash Allegedly Involves Reckless Driver

A reckless driver was involved in a head-on crash near Auburn on June 16, which ended up causing one car to flip over on its roof. The three-vehicle collision occurred around 3:24 p.m. along northbound Grass Valley Highway just south of Rio Oso Road. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that one driver was acting recklessly when the head-on collision occurred, and it involved three vehicles, including a Ford F-150 pulling a utility trailer. 

Investigators Determining Cause of Head-On Crash

Sac Fire first responders arrived at the scene and assessed injuries in the crash as minor due to complaints of pain. Information was not released on whether those injured persons were treated for their injuries at the scene or the accident or received additional care at a hospital. The wife of the man in the pickup contacted police, saying they were arriving at the scene in a Subaru Outback and that their trailer had been demolished in the accident. CHP traffic accident investigators are determining how the collision occurred.

How a Reckless Driver Causes a Car Accident

Among the most severe consequences of reckless driving are car accidents. Reckless driving endangers the motorist behind the wheel of the vehicle and others when traffic laws are ignored and a disregard for those who share the roadway exists. There are a number of ways in which a driver may be considered reckless such as running a red light or stop sign, speeding, racing or cutting in and out of traffic. The disregard of traffic laws and other acts of negligence can easily lead to a collision, which can result in serious trauma or fatalities.

Accidents Involving Negligence and Personal Injuries

An injured person may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation when a negligent driver causes a head-on collision such as one driving recklessly.

  • Medical expenses caused by the head-on crash. Because a frontal collision often causes serious injuries, medical expenses can be high. Medical costs can be recovered, including the hospitalization, ambulance fee, surgeries, physicians’ bills and rehabilitative treatment.
  • Unpaid wages: Non-economic damages: Wages the injured party could have earned except for the injury are recoverable, including pension/insurance benefits and other job perks.
  • Loss of earning capacity: A claim for loss of earning capacity is made when someone has been unable to work because of an injury in a head-on crash and may also apply to those whose career prospects have been affected.
  • The purpose of pain and suffering compensation is to address the physical, mental, and emotional suffering associated with an injury or illness. In addition to pain and suffering, and mental anguish, these damages may also include scarring and disfigurement.
  • Loss of consortium: The spouse may claim a loss of consortium, companionship, care and support due to the injury.

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