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Head-On Collision Results in Multiple Injuries in Rio Linda

Elkhorn Boulevard Two-Vehicle Head-on Collision Causes Injuries

A head-on collision involving injuries was reported in Rio Linda on April 9. The mass casualty incident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring around 6:51 in the evening along Elkhorn Boulevard at its intersection with 24th Street. The collision involved an SUV and a gray sedan. 

Multiple People Transported to Hospital Following Head-on Collision

According to the incident report, no injuries occurred to occupants of the SUV. However, the sedan spun around and turned over. One of the passengers in the sedan was ejected, passed through a fence, and ended up off the roadway. Three patients were taken to a nearby hospital with moderate to minor injuries. Two additional patients were taken to the hospital with injuries that were minor.

Why Head-On Collisions Occur

Head-on collisions can occur on surface streets, freeways and rural roads. Negligence of some type is usually the cause. Some of the reasons for a head-on collision include: 

  • Drunk driving is a major cause of head-on crashes. Frontal collisions often happen on freeways when an intoxicated driver enters the road from the exit ramp. 
  • Making a dangerous turn at an intersection can also cause a head-on collision. Those who turn left after the turn arrow has changed to red can end up colliding with oncoming traffic.
  • A driver going the wrong way on a one-way street can end up causing an accident. This can be due to distracted driving, impairment, fatigue or because the sign is missing that indicates it is one-way.
  • Passing on a rural road is dangerous if the driver attempts it on a double-yellow line or doesn’t have a clear view ahead of oncoming traffic.
  • Distracted driving can cause a head-on collision if the driver is concentrating on texting or another activity instead of keeping their eyes on the road.
  • Fatigue can be another cause of a head-on collision because the driver can drift off to sleep or not notice if they cross over the line.

Reasons That Head-On Collisions Are So Dangerous

Head-on collisions are the most dangerous accidents that can occur on the road. There are several reasons why this is true. 

  • The speed of the vehicles are combined when the impact occurs.
  • Being ejected from a speeding vehicle results in critical injuries and fatalities. This is usually due to the individual foregoing the use of a safety belt. However, in some cases, the seat belt is defective and breaks when it is needed most. In this case, a lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer in a product liability case.
  • Because the front-ends of the vehicles are crushed, it can force the engine into the passenger compartment, causing traumatic injuries.
  • Rollovers are often seen with a head-on collision. This raises the risk of ejection and a crushed roof. Because manufacturers are held to certain standards when it comes to roof strength, they can be liable for injuries caused by the vehicle caving in on the passengers.

As in any other motor vehicle collision, it is important to retain the car so it can be examined to help determine if manufacturer negligence contributed to the injuries in the crash. 

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