Head-on Collision Reported Near El Dorado National Forest

Three Vehicles Involved in Head-on Collision East of Placerville

A head-on collision involving multiple vehicles was reported east of Placerville on December 10. The accident happened around 8:32 p.m. along US 50 at Riverside near the El Dorado National Forest. The accident was initially reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as a two-vehicle crash between a sedan and pickup, which blocked the eastbound lanes. 

Additional Information About the Head-on Collision

At a later time, the accident was reported as involving a van, Nissan Versa, and another sedan. Parties in the van allegedly could not exit their vehicle, and emergency responders with Cal Fire arrived at the scene to extricate those people and assess injuries. At the time of this report, no additional information about injuries had been released following the head-on collision. An investigation is underway by the CHP to find out why the accident occurred.

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Head-on Collision – an Overview

A head-on collision can cause devastating injuries and is often fatal. That is due to the momentum with which the vehicles collide. The momentum is the impact force that occurs in any collision and is based on the weight of the vehicle and its speed. In a head-on collision, the momentum is the combination of the speed and weight of both vehicles. The force of impact is great and catastrophic. 

According to the Institute for Highway Safety, a frontal impact fatality rate for all vehicle passengers is about 58 percent. There is a discrepancy between the city and rural areas since less than 8 percent of urban localities report fatal head-on collisions, while approximately 13 percent of non-urban areas do. 

Why Do head-On Collisions Occur?

There are several main reasons for head-on collisions. They are listed below:

  • Distracted driving: When a driver fails to focus on the road but instead makes phone calls, texts, or interacts with fellow passengers, the likelihood of a head-on collision is high. Looking away for a few seconds is enough time to head into an opposing lane.
  • Fatigued driver: A driver who is too tired to drive can be a menace on the highway. Without sufficient rest, the driver is just as dangerous as one who is inebriated. Nodding off or resting one’s eyes leads to many accidents. Many fatigued drivers can speed up when their body gives into sleepiness. 
  • Drunk drivers: A drunk driver loses control of their vehicle due to an absence of cognitive ability and decreased reflexes. They often confuse road signage and take the wrong turnoff or on-ramp. This puts them and everyone else in a precarious situation.

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