Head-On Collision in Elk Grove Causes Major Injury

Accident on Jackson Road Occurs When Two Pickups Collide Head-On

A major-injury head-on collision occurred in Elk Grove on February 8 when two pickup trucks collided. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) around 12:49 p.m. along Jackson Road, just west of the intersection with Grant Line Road. The accident involved a Ford F-150 with major front-end damage and another pickup pulling a utility trailer. All the lanes of State Route 16 were blocked by the collision.

Traffic Congestion Delays First Responders

A SigAlert was issued for State Route 16, saying that all the lanes were blocked at Grant Line Road because of a crash. There was no estimated time of clearing. Motorists were advised that they might experience congestion and delays in the area. Although emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department were called to the scene to administer to the injured, they were held up for a time because of the traffic congestion. The CHP is investigating the head-on crash to find out which driver was at fault and how the accident occurred. 

Factors Contributing to Head-On Accidents

Traffic accidents involving head-on collisions often rank among the deadliest types, particularly when they happen on highways. Both vehicles are moving so fast when they collide, it makes this type of accident exceptionally dangerous. Serious injuries or fatalities are frequently the result. A frontal crash can occur for several reasons, including:

  • A head-on collision can result from reckless passing on a two-lane highway. It is possible to cause an accident such as this when drivers pass on a double-yellow line or when their view ahead isn’t clear. 
  • Frontal crashes are commonly caused by drunk drivers. The motorists who enter a freeway exit ramp in the wrong direction are usually drunk drivers, and they have poor judgment and impaired vision. Because of this, they end up in the fast lane, driving in the wrong direction.
  • In a head-on collision, speed can be a contributing factor. Speeding drivers can cross into a different lane when they lose control.
  • The absence of clearly marked lanes in construction zones can easily result in an accident.
  • Such an accident can occur when you turn left after the light changes to red at an intersection. As the driver turns, traffic has already begun moving from the opposite direction, so it can result in a head-on crash.
  • Drivers who are distracted are likely to cause frontal crashes. When a driver is distracted and looking at something other than the road ahead, such as changing a radio station or texting, he or she is more likely to slip into another lane without noticing it until it is too late.
  • The failure of a component in an automobile can cause a frontal crash. If the driver loses control because of a blowout, malfunctioning brakes or sticking accelerator pedal, they may crash into oncoming traffic. By filing an auto product liability claim against the manufacturer, an injury lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries.
  • There can be a collision if the lighting is poor, there are potholes, and there are upheavals in the pavement or if signs are obscured because of poor road maintenance. You can file a claim for compensation from the government entity responsible for maintenance.

Head-on Collisions: Determining The Cause

Trauma caused by this type of accident can be severe, and injury attorneys can help determine what caused them. Using investigators, an injury attorney can determine how an accident occurred and collect evidence that will support a claim for damages. This evidence may include:

  • Verifying the accuracy of the police report
  • Reconstruction of the accident is essential to determining what caused the incident and how it occurred
  • Interviewing witnesses to obtain corroborating evidence
  • Examining the footage from the area’s surveillance cameras to see if the collision was captured on film

The evidence we gather helps our injury attorneys build a compelling case that supports the compensation claim of our clients.

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