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Head-On Auburn Accident Causes Fatal Injury

Head-On Auburn Accident Causes Fatal Injury

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, a head-on Auburn accident left one person with injuries that sadly cost them their life. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials stated that the accident happened in the early morning and took place on a local roadway. The collision reportedly involved two vehicles, each occupied by a single individual. So far, the identity of the fatally injured motorist has not been reported as officials are in the process of notifying his family. The condition of the other driver is currently unknown.

Crash Information

According to officers, the accident happened at around 5:30 a.m. on Grass Valley Highway. CHP Officer Eric Morales reported that a white-colored Nissan minivan was driving northbound approaching the intersection of New Airport road. According to reports, the minivan veered left for unknown reasons and crossed over the roadway median. As the minivan crossed into southbound lanes, it entered the path of a Ford pickup truck. The two vehicles reportedly collided head-on, causing major damages.

Emergency officials were dispatched to the crash scene directly after CHP was notified about the incident. When they arrived, responders found that the driver of the minivan had suffered critical injuries. Tragically, the man could not be stabilized and was pronounced deceased on-scene.


Traffic reports indicated that CHP blocked access to the area while response was underway and kept it closed while investigators surveyed the crash scene. The road was re-opened at about 7:00 a.m. As the investigation continues, police haven’t stated what factors they suspect were involved.

In cases where a driver passes away soon after a crash takes place, they are usually unable to tell investigators about why the accident happened. This can make it difficult for investigators to get a full picture of the accident, and oftentimes, key evidence can go overlooked. This is why it’s so important to call a wrongful death lawyer as soon as you are able to after an accident takes place. An experienced attorney will be able to begin investigating the accident right away in order to find out whether or not any negligence was involved.

Looking for an Attorney

Losing somebody that you love is always difficult, and sudden accidents often leave people feeling overwhelmed by a series of intense emotions. This is completely understandable, but it can keep people from seeking the help their family deserves. One of the main reasons that people delay calling an attorney is because they are unsure of how to find a lawyer that they can really trust with such an important case. If you’d like to learn more about how you can easily find an excellent, compassionate attorney, see the following video:

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