Guidelines for Injuries in Auto Accidents

Guidelines for Injuries in Auto Accidents

Guidelines for Injuries in Auto Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer. Those who have been hurt in an auto accident likely understand the importance of early medical treatment for their injuries. It can be a challenge to standardize the approach to management of conditions tied to car accidents because of the variety of injuries that might occur.

A team of professionals sought to analyze various car and truck accidents that had occurred and the numerous serious injuries that had developed as a result. From looking at this information, the goal was to establish a slew of recommendations regarding the management of these injuries following a traffic collision. When someone has been involved in an auto accident, it is essential to not overlook the importance of education. Patient education can help ensure that they make a full recovery in addition to preventing injuries in the future. Examples include:

The Accident: Once patients have recovered from the acute phase of their injury, they should be educated regarding how and why the accident occurred. If pedestrian injuries were involved, inform the patient on how to look both ways before crossing the street. Remind them to be defensive in their approach.

The Injury: Be sure to discuss the type of injury that the patient sustained. Every patient needs to know everything about the damage that has occurred and how to maximize the chance of a successful recovery. Review the lab work. Go over the radiology images. Make sure that they know about their options when it comes to treatment.

Reassurance is Key: Patients need to be given some form of reassurance regarding their condition. This is important because it helps keep their spirits up. A proper state of mind will ensure that the patient fights during every stage of his or her recovery.

Pain Management and Rehabilitation

The review article discusses the management of a patient’s pain throughout the rehabilitation process. When patients have chronic pain, they are at risk of developing addictive behaviors related to their pain management. Regarding the rehabilitation process, there are a couple of important points that patients need to remember:

Exercise is Key: The body needs to be told that the injured location is still important to its function. This means building up the muscles in and around an injury location to strengthen the bones, ligaments, or tendons that have been hurt, providing them with more support.

Mobilization: When a site has been injured, it could be placed in a cast and immobilized. This happens with numerous bone fractures, such as femur fractures. This could stiffen the injury site, removing its range of motion. Early mobilization can help return this range of motion.

Start Low and Go Slow: With pain management, patients should not be given narcotics or opioids unless they are necessary. Physicians should start with non-narcotic options and start with low doses if they are required.

Do Not Forget the Emotional Side of the Injury

It’s not unusual for the emotional side of these injuries to be overlooked. If someone is involved in a serious accident, such as one involving a passenger being ejected from a vehicle, this can lead to major emotional trauma that could require extensive counseling. Emotional issues can take a serious toll on someone’s life. The review article recommends support groups, visits with counselors, and therapists to make sure that these people are emotionally stable. This is important when trying to decide if these patients are ready to get back behind the wheel of a car. Sometimes, visits with a professional psychiatrist may be just what someone needs to discuss his or her injuries.

Follow-Up with a Medical Provider is Vital

Those who have sustained serious injuries need to have close follow-up with an experienced medical provider. Sometimes, these injuries can lead to chronic complications that require management with medications and physical therapy visits to maximize their chances of a successful recovery.

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