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Guardrails that Kill

Guardrails are meant to be safety devices designed to protect drivers and passengers in cars that lose control. A recent study by the University of  Alabama, however, shows that a newly designed end terminal, or guardrail head , places motorists at higher risk or serious injury or death.

Modifications to the guardrails which reduced one piece from 5 inches to 4 inches  allegedly causes roadside hazards according to the SafetyInstitute.Org, an organization which studies field performance of items on highways.

These modified guardrails, called Trinity Guardrails, are supposed to absorb energy from a crash and allow a vehicle to “ride down” the Guardrail without the guardrail piercing the motor vehicle.

It’s alleged that Trinity altered the end terminal designs without informing state or federal regulators. The alteration decreased the weight of the end terminal by 8 lbs and otherwise changed the specs of the original design.

The newly designed guardrails are 1.5 to 3.95 times more likely to be involved in a serious injury or fatality than was the original guardrail.

If the Guardrail pierces a vehicle, the case should be looked at by an experienced attorney as well as by a bio-mechanical expert.


If you were seriously injured or if a member of your family was killed by a guardrail piercing the vehicle, please consult an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.


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