Grieving After Fatal Car Accidents

Grieving After Fatal Car Accidents

Even though death is a natural part of life, the loss of a person you love can be extremely hard to deal with emotionally. People who’ve recently lost a close friend or member of their family are often overcome with difficult feelings of anger, confusion, fatigue, sadness, and more. These feelings can be even harder to process when you know that the death of your loved one happened because of a preventable accident. Knowing that your loved one was taken from you because of a negligent driver, product manufacturer, employer, or another responsible party can be the hardest part of dealing with a wrongful death case. While a person you love can never be replaced, there are a few ways that people can make the process of grieving easier to manage.

Taking Your Time

Allowing yourself enough time to process your emotions is one of the most important things one can do after a fatal accident. It’s common for people to want to move past their grief quickly so that they can return to their normal lives. While the impulse to move on can be good, it is important not to ignore your feelings in order to cope and burying emotional issues often only makes them worse over time. It is important to realize that grieving is a process that can take years.

Seeking Support

Many grieving individuals try to isolate themselves during grieving. Having solitude often helps people by allowing them space to work out their emotions. However, it is critical to have support from your friends and family while you are grieving. Having the ability to share what you are feeling or even just having loving people around to interact with can significantly help you with healing emotionally. Furthermore, it may also be a good idea to join a local support group. There are many support groups offered by community organizations and churches where people can work through their grief in an understanding, safe, and supportive environment.


Another important aspect of coping after a fatal accident is making sure that you stay physically healthy. Grief often dramatically affects well-being, causing people to take up unhealthy habits. These unhealthy habits can, in turn, intensify negative emotions. Making sure that you maintain healthy sleep habits, get frequent exercise, and keep a balanced diet might seem like trivial matters, but doing these simple things can often help people to break out of a cycle of troubling emotions.

Understanding Your Grief

The below video contains advice from a professional grief counselor about some of the details of the grieving process:


Fatal accidents are emotionally difficult, but they are also often financially difficult as well. Losing a family member can put people in serious financial difficulties, especially if that family member was the main household income source. On top of losing a source of income, many families are also left with expensive hospital bills related to the accident and are faced with funeral costs, burial expenses, and more. On top of this, families often need to take on additional household tasks like repair, cooking, and cleaning. No longer having a loved one to help you with these tasks can make life much harder and paying to have these things done is often extremely expensive.

Because the financial and emotional cost of losing someone you love is so high, the families and dependents of a fatally injured person can often claim payments from responsible parties by filing a “wrongful death claim.” Wrongful death claims seek to provide those who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one with money to cover their financial and emotional losses. However, every accident is different, and the types of compensation available can vary. To learn about what types of compensation may be available, you should reach out to a local Placerville wrongful death lawyer. A good attorney can explain the details of wrongful death cases to you and can help you understand what you may be able to recover.

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