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Green Light Can Help with Chronic Pain Management

Green Light Has the Potential to Alleviate Pain

A new study shows that green light may be able to help people who live with chronic pain. Currently, the first-line treatment for chronic pain often involves opioids and narcotics. These medications are addictive and can lead to dangerous side effects, some of which can be deadly. For this reason, medical experts have been looking for alternatives to prescription medications that can help those living in daily discomfort.

The relationship between light and pain is a promising area of research. Often, individuals who live with chronic pain suffer from photophobia, which is an intolerance of bright light. Because some people might be bothered by bright lights, medical researchers believe that other forms of light might be more soothing. This idea was the basis for a series of experiments regarding green light and chronic pain.

The Foundation of Green Light

The link between green light and chronic pain was first proposed in a research paper published back in 2016. A team at Harvard Medical School was studying a group of patients who suffered from chronic headaches. Some people developed migraines following a traumatic event, such as a motor vehicle accident. Those who suffered from recurrent headaches often report that their symptoms are made worse by lights.

The research team found that green light was far less likely to exacerbate the symptoms of migraines than other colors. Some patients in the study also reported that green light actually reduced the intensity of the headache. For this reason, medical scientists at Harvard Medical School wanted to explore green light in a new series of experiments.

Emotions and the Color of Light

Many doctors and researchers have indicated that emotions can influence the severity of chronic pain. Those who are angry, sad, or stressed are more likely to develop a chronic illness that gets worse over time. On the other hand, those who are happy and upbeat are more likely to report lower pain scores. This is one of the reasons why doctors encourage people with chronic pain to exercise regularly. Exercise releases endorphins, which make people happy.

An additional series of experiments was performed at Harvard Medical School. In the study, scientists exposed the patients to a set of lights and asked the patients about their emotions. The researchers found that those exposed to green light were more likely to report positive emotions. However, patients who were exposed to red light were more likely to report negative emotions. This study shows that green light is associated with positive feelings, which might help someone improve his or her chronic pain.

Studying the Relationship Between Light and Pain

An additional research study was performed and published in the medical journal PainThis time, the scientists looked at the pain response directly. Medical professionals exposed animals to LED lights that emitted green flashes. Over time, the researchers quantified the pain scores of the animals using visual, audio, and body language cues.

They found that exposure to green light was closely correlated with reduced pain scores. The researchers repeated the experiments multiple times. On each occasion, the light was found to make the animals feel more comfortable. Therefore, the researchers believe that the central nervous system must receive green light in a pleasant way that helps to calm the brain’s pain receptors.

Future Directions

Green light has the potential to help individuals who are not only suffering from recurrent headaches but also those who live with chronic pain. Doctors are already recommending that people spend time in green gardens because it might help their discomfort. It will be interesting to see if light therapy becomes a cornerstone of pain management.

Watch YouTube Video: Shining the Green Light on Migraine Relief. This video discusses how green light can help those who suffer from migraines.

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