Grass Valley RV Collision Injures Three

Grass Valley RV Collision Injures Three

Grass Valley RV Collision Injures Three

I’m Ed Smith, a Grass Valley personal injury lawyer. On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, a head-on collision in Grass Valley involving two RVs blocked traffic for three hours and left three people with traumatic injuries.

Accident Details

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the collision occurred at about 1:45 p.m. when the two RVs had been driving in opposite directions on Highway 49 on the southern outskirts of Grass Valley. The two vehicles then, for reasons unknown, collided with each other head-on, close to the intersection of Wellswood way.

A resident of the area told reporters that he had heard a sound like a very loud explosion at the time of the accident.

Local Response

Residents of the area were the first to respond to the incident. One such resident noted that, when he arrived at the wreck, the bodies of the drivers and passenger were totally obscured by wreckage. Another resident noted that when she saw the aftermath of the collision her first thought was to hope that no children were involved in what appeared a gruesome accident.

One man, who happened to be working at the Golden Chain Motel at the time, was a former EMT and quickly got to work removing debris and making sure those involved in the collision were alive and ok.

Official Response

Emergency medical officials and officers of CHP soon arrived at the scene. Witnesses of the incident reported that there was a crew of 13 total emergency responders.

Three people were involved in the crash. One, a passenger of one of the RVs, was ejected through the front window of the vehicle and was found under debris. One witness of the event told reporters that after the man was removed from the debris, he attempted to get up and walk around, but was too badly injured.

Both drivers needed to be extricated from their vehicles after being trapped in the twisted metal.


All three people involved in the accident received significant traumatic injuries and were taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital in order to receive emergency medical treatment. Fortunately, none of the injuries received were reported to be life-threatening.

Traffic and Commentary

CHP instituted a traffic block on Highway 49 while crews worked to remove the wreckage of the vehicles from the roadway and ensure that it was safe for travel.

Locals told reporters that the accident looked very extreme. One resident told reporters that they were surprised that everybody involved in the crash survived, adding that it seemed like a miracle.

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