Grass Valley Big Rig Crash Results in Injuries

Sedan Collides With Big Rig on State Route 49

A big rig crash with a motor vehicle occurred on August 14 in Grass Valley, resulting in minor injuries. The collision occurred on northbound State Route 49 just south of La Barr Meadows Road around 7:33 a.m. and involved a Toyota sedan and a big rig. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident report stated that the Toyota pulled in front of the big rig when the impact occurred and that debris was strewn across all the lanes. 

Both Vehicles Damaged in Big Rig Crash and Motor Vehicle Accident

Tow trucks had to be called to remove both vehicles. The truck tractor sustained medium to severe damage. The sedan showed major damage to its front end. The traffic collision is being investigated by the CHP to discover how it occurred and to assign fault. 

Reasons for a Big Rig Crash

In an accident, tractor trailers have major differences from motor vehicles that increase the risk of injuries in a big rig crash. In addition, it makes driving too close to a big rig more dangerous. Among them are:

  • Weight and size: When fully loaded, tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Compared to the average passenger vehicle, this is around 16 times larger. The average length of a big rig is between 70 and 80 feet. 
  • Cargo dangers: Tractor-trailers transport a wide range of cargo. Furthermore, they transport hazardous materials like explosives and flammables. There is a higher chance of being severely injured or fatally injured in a big rig crash with one of these trucks.
  • Poor maneuverability: Due to their length and weight, tractor-trailers require more space to maneuver. For example, a truck may have to go around a corner by extending into the next lane in a wide turn.
  • Big rigs use hydraulic brakes: Tractor-trailers use a braking system consisting of air brakes. It is necessary because hydraulic brakes such as on a passenger vehicle wouldn’t work on a tractor-trailer. Air brakes mean there is some delay when the brake pedal is engaged, and the truck begins stopping. Big rigs can require 40 percent more distance to stop than passenger vehicles, which can easily cause a big rig crash.
  • Large blind spots are present on tractor-trailers: The drivers of these huge trucks don’t see pedestrians, motorcycle riders, cyclists or smaller vehicles because of their large blind spots on all sides. There is a term for these blind spots called no zones. Truckers cannot see 20 feet in front or 30 feet behind them, which can create a problem if other vehicles are too close. Also, their left side has a large blind spot between the driver’s door and about halfway past the trailer. The driver can’t see the two right lanes on the right side. It is possible for a driver to forget that a vehicle is on one side when changing lanes, causing an accident.

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