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Governor Newsom Announces DMV Overhaul

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July 31, 2019
Edward Smith

Governor Newsom Announces DMV Overhaul

Visiting the DMV is a necessity for the millions of Californians who drive. For some time, this California agency has been known for its problems with long lines and other issues. Governor Newsom took steps to correct it beginning in March when he created the DMV Reinvention Strike Team. This team was charged with making recommendations on what is needed to reform the agency in terms of how it operates and what structural changes are required. On July 23, he unveiled his plan to update the DMV. Let’s review some of the problems associated with the agency, and look at the governor’s plan to rejuvenate it. We’ll also look at criticism that the governor’s plan is not going far enough.

 Long Waits Are Not the Only Issue

In 2019, wait times massively increased due in part to the almost 23 million residents who need to upgrade their license to a Real ID if they intend to fly. The wait times, often up to five hours, have increased by more than 46 percent over previous years. Other issues involve an outdated computer system that has broken down dozens of times in preceding months. In a state where technology is rampant, the DMV is sorely lacking. New directives make it clear that the agency must be brought up-to-date.

 Details of the Governor’s Plan

The plan released by Governor Newsom made it clear that he intends to overhaul and reinvent the DMV in California. To help formulate the new plan, the firm of McKinsey & Company was hired to make recommendations. The steps being taken are:

  • Improve the wait time: Approximately. 1,900 temporary workers are being hired to help alleviate this problem. 
  • Use online services: The governor urges residents to use self-serve kiosks. This will reduce the number of customers that workers need to see every day. He also urges drivers and others to go online at home to do various transactions. This will eliminate the need for residents to take a day off from work to go to take care of business. Although the DMV is open on Saturday, it is the busiest day of the week, and not everyone has Saturday off.
  • Improve the online service area: Many residents complain about the lack of online services California provides. In addition, they find it difficult to navigate the website. 
  • Use credit cards: Currently, the agency does not accept credit cards at its offices. This is about to change. A pilot program will start in September in Davis to implement this service.

New Director  Named

The governor has also named Steve Gordon the new DMV director. He was formerly employed at Cisco and is a tech expert. Gordon is charged with streamlining services and running the department. His high-tech background will be an asset as the agency strives to become more technologically advanced. 

Criticism of the Plan

An Assemblyman from Fresno, Jim Patterson, has criticized Newsom’s plan. According to him, it does not go far enough. He said that it is not a reinvention but rather an excuse for the agency. He feels that the new plan could be more aggressive in addressing the problems. For example, Patterson believes that residents should be able to access the DMV online and obtain their registration. Not only that, but the registration should be delivered to them within 48 hours. 

Newsom Asked About His Experience

Governor Newsom was asked about the experience he has rehauling systems that don’t do the job anymore. He answered that in his role in the private sector, he learned to solve problems not manage existing systems. He reminded the audience that as mayor of San Francisco, he made many improvements. 

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