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Girl Dies After Being Pulled from Lake Shasta

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October 24, 2017
Edward Smith

Girl Dies After Being Pulled from Lake Shasta

Young Girl Dies in Drowning Accident

A little girl was pronounced dead after being in a hospital for nearly a month after she fell in Lake Shasta on September 23.

What Happened?

A group of family and friends rented a houseboat over the weekend of September 23, on Lake Shasta Reservoir. After a late dinner, at around 9:20 in the evening, the group started to get the kids ready to go to bed. One of the adults realized that they could not find their 3-year-old daughter and started to search the houseboat. She was nowhere to be found on deck and the family’s fears were confirmed when someone spotted her toothbrush floating in the lake alongside the houseboat. The father of the girl borrowed some SCUBA diving gear from a nearby boat and started to search the surrounding depths. After some initial submerging problems, the man was able to find his daughter 70 feet down and pulled her back to the surface.

Ambulance Dispatched

An ambulance was called which came and rushed the toddler to the Mercy Medical Center in Redding. Because of the length of time she had been submerged, medical professionals decided to transfer her to a bigger hospital and took her to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. The 3-year-old remained there, in critical condition until Friday, October 13 when she passed away. Her parents stated that she loved her daddy and was her mom’s best buddy.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to the loved ones of this little girl.

Deadly Summer

Deaths on Lake Shasta have been higher than normal recently as three other children lost their lives on the lake during the warmer months this summer.

7-Year-Old Boy Drowns in Lake Shasta: A family rented a houseboat in July and beached the vessel for the night in a cove near the Shasta Caverns. In the morning the family had trouble getting the boat started. When the family noticed the boy was missing they frantically started to search the boat and the surrounding area. Police search teams were called when they found the boy’s flip-flop floating in the water behind the boat. After 30 minutes of searching both the shore and cove, a diver found the boy seventeen feet underwater.

Boating Accident Kills Young Girl on Shasta Lake: A young 7-year-old girl was killed after being hit by a jet ski while she was swimming. The girl was on the lake with her family who had rented a houseboat for the weekend. The family also rented a jet ski to ride around on the lake. The little girl was swimming in the water alongside the houseboat that was anchored in a cove when her uncle approached the party on the jet ski at a high rate of speed. The uncle did not see the girl in the water and struck her as he was returning to the boat. She was pronounced dead at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.

Shasta Lake Boating Accident: A group of youth were out boating and dragging an inner-tube on Lake Shasta in July. A 15-year-old girl was driving and trying to throw off a 12-year-old boy on the tube. After a sharp turn, the boat hit its own wake which knocked it off course and directly towards the boy. The 12-year-old dismounted the tube and tried to swim out of the way but was struck in the head as the boat ran him over. The boy’s body was never found but his life-jacket did have propeller cuts.

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