Update | Garbage Truck Accident Kills UC Davis Student

Second Fatal Accident Involving Bicyclist Reported in Two Days

A second garbage truck accident fatality occurred in Northern California in two days. The accident happened on May 25 at the Dairy Road intersection with Hutchison Drive around 8:00 a.m. when a student at UC Davis was killed after a garbage truck struck her while she was riding her bike, according to school officials. The bicycle rider was transported to a hospital, where she died. Officials have recently identified the decedent as a 19-year-old woman and Freshman at UC Davis.

UC Davis Chancellor Expresses Condolences for Death of Student

The Chancellor at UC Davis, Gary May, released a statement expressing their condolences, saying they shared in the family’s pain. The Chancellor also thanked the first responders and UC Davis Medical Center team, who attempted to save the young woman’s life. Investigators with the Davis Police Department as well as UC Davis are working on determining what led up to the accident and how it occurred.

Bicyclist’s Name Not Released Yet 

The student’s name has not yet been released. Students at the university can phone (530) 752-0871, which is the Student Health and Counseling Services. Staff and faculty can contact the Academic and Staff Assistance program. 

Second Recent Northern California Fatality Involving Garbage Truck

A similar fatal accident involving a garbage truck occurred in Sacramento when a bicycle rider was killed while riding in a residential area. That accident is being investigated by the Sacramento Police Department to determine how it occurred.

Most people might be surprised to find out that accidents involving trash trucks are common. A garbage truck commonly makes its way down alleyways and narrow streets, often when the sun is just coming up. Although they provide essential services, not all drivers are cautious. A few of the reasons an accident can be caused by a garbage truck include:

  • Bad timing: A garbage truck has regular schedules set to pick up refuse, and most start early in the morning. However, the schedule may also be around the same time students are heading to school and commuters to work.
  • Blind spots: A garbage truck has large blind spots that prevent the driver from having a clear view of surrounding traffic. This is why some trash pickup companies employ spotters. This type of liability makes it more likely that a truck will become involved in a collision with pedestrians, bicyclists or other motorists
  • Driver shortage: Just as there is a shortage of big-rig drivers, trash companies can have problems finding qualified people who can safely perform the job of handling these huge trucks. Because timing can be a problem, some drivers may be tempted to rush to finish their work, which can lead to a serious accident.
  • Distracted driving: All motorists can be guilty of distracted driving at one time or another. However, a garbage truck driver has to contend with communications from the dispatcher, problems with pickups and other distractions, which can lead to an accident.
  • Narrow streets and other dangers: Trash trucks don’t always have the luxury of making pickups on wide boulevards. They frequently have to contend with narrow roads, alleyways, areas with sharp curves and vehicles parked at the curb, which makes their job even harder. In addition, they have to watch out for pedestrians, joggers, bicycle riders, and children playing.

Placing a Claim for a Garbage Truck Accident

Due to the complexity of an accident involving a garbage truck, it can be a good idea to get assistance from a wrongful death lawyer for the family to obtain compensation. The lawyer can investigate the accident to find out how the collision occurred and collect evidence to support the family’s claim. Although it will not help ease their grief, it can hold the offending party responsible and bring family members a sense of justice.

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