Galt Multiple-Vehicle Crash Involves Four Vehicles

Accident on Jackson Road Reduces Traffic to One Lane

A multiple-vehicle crash involving a big rig occurred in Galt on April 12, resulting in minor injuries. The accident happened along eastbound Jackson Road just east of South Watt Avenue, as reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It initially involved a big rig and two full-sized pickup trucks. One of the pickups, a Dodge Ram, ended up in a ditch. 

Additional Vehicle Crashed Into Highway Pileup

After the initial collision, a Ford pickup also crashed into the pileup. Traffic along Jackson Road was reduced to one way as the accident site was cleared. An investigation into the cause of the crash and assignment of fault is underway by the CHP.

Insurance Companies and Injury Accident Claims

The insurance industry dislikes paying out claims. The goal of the insurance industry is to make money, after all. The initial offers for settling a case are often low, especially when there are injuries. As a result, the insurance company is able to pay a lower settlement, and the injured party cannot later claim the amount was not sufficient. An injury lawyer can help you to ensure that the compensation you deserve is awarded to you by handling the claim for you. This is especially important in a multiple-vehicle crash because more than one driver is often found to be at fault.

Types of Driver Negligence That Cause a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

An accident can be caused by numerous forms of negligence, and most types result from one or more of the following reasons:

  • Distracted driving: While driving, the motorists were distracted by texting or talking on their cell phones.
  • Speeding: The driver failed to stop in time to avoid a multiple-vehicle crash because they were speeding.
  • Fatigue: The driver was unable to drive safely, which led to an accident.
  • Drunk or drugged driving: The driver was drunk or had been using drugs, which impaired their ability to control a vehicle.

How Liability Is Determined in a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

A multiple-vehicle crash is characterized by the possibility of more than one collision between the cars and different types of negligence. Injury lawyers can provide guidance in such cases. To determine fault and which driver/drivers were negligent, an investigation is conducted to gather evidence supporting the claim. Some of the evidence-related search includes:

  • As soon as possible, we send our investigators to the crash site to gather evidence before it is covered over or is lost.
  • Checks are conducted to determine whether cameras captured the multiple-vehicle accident as it occurred.
  • Photographs are taken of the scene, including the marks on the vehicles and the paint smears, which provide clues as to what car or light truck hit them.
  • An investigation of the police report is conducted to determine if fault was found.
  • During the investigation, any witnesses to the multiple-vehicle crash are questioned, so forensic investigators can determine how the collision occurred and in what order the vehicles collided.
  • Accident reconstruction shows how the multiple-vehicle crash occurred, how the vehicles were initially positioned and where they ended up after impact. Both insurance companies and courts accept accident reconstruction evidence.

We work hard to compile the evidence and put it together into a compelling case to support our clients’ compensation claims.

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