Frontal Head Injury

Frontal Head Injury

Frontal Head Injury

The frontal lobe is arguably one of the most valuable regions of our brains. It gives us the capability of higher reasoning, which is the one thing that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. The frontal lobe integrates all brain functions and coordinates thoughts and virtually all sorts of activity from other parts of the brain, together in one place. If your child was involved in a car accident or bicycle accident that involved a frontal head injury, you might see changes with any of the associated functions involved with the frontal lobe.

What Does the Frontal Lobe Do?

The frontal lobe is responsible for things such as

  • Multi-tasking
  • Planning
  • Assessing Risk
  • Social interactions and the complexities involved with reading body language, verbal cues, etc.

What Happens With a Frontal Lobe Injury?

The major vulnerability of the frontal lobe lies in its location in our skull. Since it sits at the front of the brain it is located in an area that is exposed to impact, injury, and trauma. In a traumatic incident the frontal lobe can hit the boney protective barrier of the skull, which can result in the ripping, bruising, and even tearing of the frontal lobe.

Frontal Lobe Injury

Phineas Gage is the first person that we know of in recorded history that suffered a severe frontal lobe injury, and dramatically changed because of it. A once quiet, peaceful, and God fearing man was nearly killed when a steel rod that pierced his skull and damaged his frontal lobe. After the accident, the once passive Gage turned into a loud, boisterous, and even an angry individual. The injury was so severe that it disabled some of his higher faculties, and caused a total change in personality.

What are the Symptoms of Frontal Lobe Injury?

Here are a few of the most common ways that you can spot an injury to the frontal lobe. Victims will exhibit

  • A lack of being able to filter what they are thinking from what they are saying. They will often blurt out things that they are thinking without considering the ramifications about it beforehand.
  • Multi-tasking becomes very difficult or nearly impossible. Anyone suffering from a frontal lobe injury will struggle with prioritizing responsibilities and juggling tasks.
  • Those who have suffered from a frontal lobe injury are totally reactive to another person when they engage them, but the victim themselves will not often engage other people first.
  • Since the frontal lobe is the part of the brain that interprets complexities and intricacies in human communication, you will often notice the person with the brain injury becoming socially awkward. They will not be able to pick up on simple nuances of daily conversation.

If your child or anyone you know are exhibiting any of these symptoms and have suffered from a recent head injury, you should see your doctor or physician immediately in order to receive correct diagnosis and treatment.

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