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Four People Injured in Sacramento Major Vehicle Collision

Accident on West El Camino Boulevard Injures Four People

A major vehicle collision occurred along West El Camino Boulevard in Sacramento, the evening of August 3. The crash involved two vehicles, according to a representative of the Sacramento Fire Department, and occurred around 11:00 p.m. The accident was referred to as a multi-casualty collision, which means injuries, not fatalities, and triggers an additional response by the fire department. The accident is under investigation by the Sacramento Police Department to discover how it occurred. 

Fire Department Responds to the Major Vehicle Collision

The fire department responded to the accident with three engines, four ambulances, and a rescue unit. Both of the vehicles were heavily damaged, and the firefighters had to use spreaders to remove the doors of both cars to extricate the passengers inside. One of the vehicles had experienced a rollover and ended up upside down as a result of the crash. West El Camino Boulevard was closed while the accident scene was cleared, and patients transported to a hospital.

Rollovers in Accidents

Rollovers are common in accidents and often cause serious injuries and fatalities. In some cases, the injuries are increased because the vehicle experiences a crushed roof. Since manufacturers are held to standards on the strength of a vehicle roof, they may be liable if roof crush occurs. It is important that the vehicle be preserved following a rollover, so it can be checked to see if the manufacturer is liable. In these cases, an auto product liability lawsuit can be filed by the injured party.

Auto Accidents and Driver Error

About 95 percent of the time, driver error is the cause of a major vehicle collision. When that driver error is identified, it means that those who were injured in the crash can place a claim for compensation to pay their outlying expenses and reimburse them for their pain and suffering. Some types of driver error include:

  • Drug or alcohol consumption and driving are always a bad combination. Those who are under the influence show poor judgment and reasoning, lack of coordinated reflexes and the inability to gauge the distance of other vehicles.
  • Distracted driving is the number one reason for accidents. Distractions often involve texting, talking on a cell phone, or eating and drinking while driving.
  • Fatigued drivers are becoming more common as people work multiple jobs or perform shift work. Some medications can also cause fatigue, so the driver nods off behind the wheel without realizing it until it’s too late.
  • Reckless driving can include running a red light, weaving in and out of traffic, speeding, tailgating, and other behaviors. Any of these actions endanger others and can result in a major vehicle collision. 

Paying for Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents often cause serious injuries, which can involve extensive hospitalization, high medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. I firmly believe that no one who has been injured by the negligence of another should have to suffer financial damages as well. That’s why I’ve worked hard over the years to help my clients obtain the compensation they deserve. As always, the client owes nothing until the case has been won.

Investigation and the Gathering of Evidence

A claim for compensation is made through an investigation that gathers the evidence needed to support it. It is used either when negotiating on behalf of the client with the insurance carrier or in building a case to present in civil court. Our investigative team does everything they can to find the evidence needed.

What Our Investigators Do

The investigators interview witnesses to the major vehicle collision and review the police report to ensure its accuracy. They seek road and traffic surveillance cameras and perform accident reconstruction, which includes taking photos and compiling other evidence. The investigators also look for signs of government negligence such as a missing sign, too narrow lanes, overgrown foliage and others. Once the evidence is gathered, our lawyers go to work to build a strong case.

Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

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