Four Injured in Fairfield Crash

Four Injured in Fairfield Crash Including CHP Officer

Four Injured in Fairfield Crash Including CHP Officer

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield personal injury lawyer. Four people, including an officer of the Solano area California Highway Patrol (CHP), were left with injuries after a crash that took place on Monday, April 30, 2018. The accident was reported to have involved two vehicles and occurred on Highway Interstate 80 inside of Fairfield city limits. The injuries that the people involved in this crash suffered were reported to have ranged in severity from moderate to severe. Officers stated that all four people were taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment. Additionally, CHP has said that they are currently trying to understand what factors may have caused this accident to happen although no suspected causes have been reported so far.

Collision Details

The accident took place at about 3:40 p.m. on the eastbound side of I-80 to the west of the Red Top Road exit on the western edge of the city. Reports state that a Mitsubishi Mirage traveling at normal highway speeds rear-ended a CHP vehicle. Both vehicles were heavily damaged by the crash. Accident photos show that a large area of the Mitsubishi’s front end was torn off during the incident.


Both Fairfield Fire Department and Cordelia Fire Department sent responders to the accident site. Responders reported that one occupant of the Mitsubishi needed to be extricated from the wrecked car. The driver of the Mitsubishi, as well as both passengers, suffered severe injuries as a result of the impact. Updates on their conditions are currently not available.

The CHP officer received moderate injuries, but the nature of his injuries was not reported. Additionally, a pet rabbit was found in the Mitsubishi under the driver’s seat. The rabbit was not harmed during the accident and was safely returned to its owner.


CHP officers conducted an investigation while workers cleared debris off the highway, causing miles-long traffic jam. The roadway was reportedly fully opened by 7:00 p.m. that night. Officers have stated that they do not know if alcohol or drugs played a part in causing the crash. Other possible factors include distracted driving, faulty brakes, a dangerous roadway defect, driving while fatigued, and more.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear end-accidents are by far the most common type of accident to cause injuries in Fairfield. Recently published data shows that rear-end crashes caused over 40 percent of injury accidents in Fairfield over the last ten years. This is more than twice the rate for the next most-common traumatic accident type, broadside accidents.

However, while these accidents are common, they tend to result in less severe injuries in Fairfield. Injury-causing rear-end crashes in Fairfield only caused fatal or severe injuries around 3.2 percent of the time.

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