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Ford Explorer Exhaust Systems Defects

Exhaust System Defects Leaking into Truck Passenger Cabins

Exhaust system defects potentially affecting all Ford Explorers from model years 2016 and 2017 may be responsible for leaking exhaust fumes into the passenger cabins. Vehicle sales figures show more than 200,000 Explorers sold in each of these two years, making the Explorer one of the most popular large SUV models sold in the United States.

Since this may impact the order of a half-million vehicles in the U.S. with problems that can both be unhealthy and cause vehicle accidents, it is a very significant defective product situation.

Nature of the Problem

A recent class-action lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Michigan alleged that all Explorers in these two model years may be subject to exhaust gases leaking into passenger cabins due to problems with the exhaust systems and cabin seals.

Vehicle exhaust gases include several noxious fumes that are always unpleasant to smell and breathe and are generally unhealthful. Still, some are directly dangerous when operating or riding in a motor vehicle. Among these are carbon monoxide – a common component of exhaust gases from burning gasoline or diesel fuels. In addition to being deadly to people at higher concentrations, even small amounts of carbon monoxide in a motor vehicle’s passenger cabin can impact a driver’s ability to concentrate and safely operate the vehicle.

The presence of exhaust gases like carbon monoxide in a vehicle’s passenger compartment is usually traceable to defects in the exhaust system that is not properly directing all the exhaust gases through to the tailp

Watch YouTube Video: Hundreds of Drivers Complain Ford Explorer Exhaust Making Them Sick. In the following video, CBS Evening News reports on how the exhaust defects in Ford Explorers are making drivers sick.

Apparently No Notification to Customers

The class-action lawsuit alleged that Ford had been aware for some time – based on numerous complaints received from customers – that the exhaust system and cabin seal problems were present. No notification had been provided to customers by the time suit was filed. This was despite internal communications between and within Ford company departments describing the problems and fixing them.

Typically, major motor vehicle manufacturing companies will promptly notify vehicle owners of significant defects in their cars, trucks, and SUVs as soon as those defects become clearly known from customer complaints, accident reports, and other sources. This is especially true for defects that can cause vehicle accidents.

The Proposed Solution

Ford has agreed to provide repair services and/or direct reimbursements to its customers for the faulty exhaust system problems. If approved by the court, the potential settlement class would include anyone who purchased or leased the model year 2016 or 2017 Ford Explorer, except for specialty models produced by law enforcement.

When the settlement is approved by the court, Ford will notify owners and lessees of the available options for repairs, including modifications to the exhaust system and improved sealing of the passenger cabin. Alternate cash reimbursement for repairs paid out-of-pocket would be available to owners and lessees who paid for repairs on their own either within 120 days of the notification or within the first four years or 48,000 miles of use on the vehicles.

The cash reimbursements would be for up to $125 for inspecting and sealing the passenger compartment and up to an additional $400 for direct modifications or repairs to the exhaust system.

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