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Folsom Single Vehicle Crash Ends With a Fatality

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September 23, 2019
Edward Smith

Folsom Single-Vehicle Crash Ends With a Fatality

A single-vehicle crash in Folsom on September 20 cost the life of a woman when her car crashed against a tree. A representative of the Folsom Police Department reported that the accident happened when the driver, heading north along East Bidwell near Oak Avenue Parkway, suddenly crossed over the median one time and went over a second median at about 2:00 in the morning. This was when the vehicle she was in began to roll forward many yards from the East Bidwell and Oak Avenue intersection and off the roadway where it crashed into a tree and caught fire. 

Investigation Into the Accident

Police in Folsom are attempting to find out how this single-vehicle crash happened. They believe that speed might have been involved considering the extent of the damage to the vehicle. An investigation is proceeding at this time.

Road Closures During the Investigation

Oak Avenue Parkway was shut down in both directions from East Bidwell to South Lexington Drive. East Bidwell northbound was also closed to traffic from Bluestone Circle to College Parkway, but East Bidwell southbound was kept open.

Reasons for a Single-Vehicle Crash

There are multiple reasons for a single-vehicle crash, including medical emergencies. In this situation, a driver who suffers a heart attack or stroke may be incapacitated and unable to control their vehicle. Sometimes, another vehicle runs the car off the road and flees afterward. Other considerations are:

  • Brake defects that prevent slowing down or stopping
  • Tire defects that result in a blowout, causing an out-of-control vehicle
  • Accelerator problems where the car speeds up even though the driver is not pressing on the gas pedal
  • Poorly designed roads or lack of appropriate signage that causes the vehicle to crash

Liability in a Single-Vehicle Crash

If the crash is caused by defects, the liability rests with the manufacturer. This can involve a defect to the design of the vehicle or a faulty auto part. Since manufacturers are obligated to produce safe products, when they don’t, a product liability lawsuit can be filed. In California, it must be proven that the defect exists and the accident happened because of it. The attorney for the injured party must also show that the part was being used as it was intended by the manufacturer. 

Road Problems Leading to a Single-Vehicle Crash

When the design of the road is a causative factor in the crash, liability for an accident rests with the government agency in charge of construction and, in some cases, the contractor. This is also the case when the accident is caused by a lack of signage (for example, before an oncoming curve) or when the sign is overgrown by foliage. Maintenance of signage is the responsibility of the government agency in charge of maintaining the road. If a government agency is involved, the time limit to file is different and shorter than in other cases. If the case is not filed in time, it will not be able to be heard. Your injury lawyer will ensure that all documents are filed in time.

Grief After a Wrongful Death

When someone is killed due to the negligence of another person or entity, the family faces the loss of losing someone unexpectedly. This can result in overwhelming grief. It is important for a family to stick together in times like this, and look out for one another. It is also important that family members keep themselves strong by eating and sleeping properly. The response that people feel when someone is taken from them in an unforeseen tragedy is different for everyone. However, anger that this happened is often present. Your attorney may be able to help you get justice by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party. This can help the family deal with the financial losses such as funeral and burial costs and the love and support the person can no longer provide.

What an Attorney Can Do

At our firm, we all understand and empathize with the grief you are feeling. It is necessary to prove that wrongdoing took the life of a loved one. We do this by dispatching our investigative team to interview witnesses, search for evidence at the accident site, and determine if vehicular defects were present. We also examine the road for design and signage problems that might have led to the accident. If possible, we obtain footage from video cams on traffic lights or nearby buildings. Once this data is accumulated, we present it to our attorneys who build a strong case in your favor.

Folsom Wrongful Death Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Folsom wrongful death lawyer. Most single-vehicle crashes are caused by driver error. However, some are due to mechanical problems or other issues. If you lost a loved one and believe that negligence was the cause, I can offer you free and friendly advice when you call me at (916) 921-6400. The toll-free line is (800) 404-5400. Additionally, we offer a contact form online.

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