Fleeing Driver Collision Causes Injuries in North Sacramento

Injuries Occur in Watt Avenue Fleeing Driver Collision

A fleeing driver collision occurred on December 11, injuring at least one person. The accident happened on southbound Watt Avenue on the American River Bridge in the Arden-Arcade area around 9:30 p.m. It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that the vehicle that fled the scene was a red Dodge Challenger. 

Vehicle and Driver Sought in Fleeing Driver Collision

The vehicle that was struck was a silver sedan. The accident blocked lanes three and four, and debris was strewn across the roadway by the collision. A determination of the crash’s cause is underway by CHP traffic collision officers, and a search is being conducted for the fleeing driver.

An Injury Accident and a Hit-and-Run Driver

Obtaining compensation for your injuries after a fleeing driver collision might be possible with the help of a lawyer. When you have high medical bills, are unable to work, and are suffering pain and emotional trauma, it can be hard enough to cope without having to worry about high medical bills as well. It is the at-fault driver’s responsibility to be held accountable for the injuries they cause through their negligence. The efforts of our law firm have resulted in the location of a number of hit-and-run drivers over the years. Methods of investigation include:

  • As soon as possible, investigators are dispatched to the accident scene to collect evidence before it is lost or covered up.
  • The testimony of witnesses can also be used to obtain information. It’s possible that an eyewitness remembers part of the license plate number. Hit-and-run drivers often live nearby, which makes it easier for witnesses to identify cars and even drivers in some cases.
  • In the fleeing driver collision, nearby traffic surveillance cameras may have captured the vehicle and motorist, providing valuable information about the accident. This film can be subpoenaed to assist in identifying the hit-and-run driver. 
  • It is common for paint stains and metal fragments to remain in the immediate vicinity of accident sites. Vehicle models and makes can be determined based on this information.
  • An investigation into the cause of a hit-and-run collision is conducted by performing a crash reconstruction. Insurance companies and civil courts accept this type of evidence. 

We build a strong case for compensation claims based on the evidence compiled by our investigators and compiled by our injury attorneys.

Compensation Can Be Recovered With Insurance

When the other party cannot pay medical expenses after an accident, your uninsured/underinsured policy may cover your injuries. A driver, passenger, bicyclist, and pedestrian can all use this add-on insurance. In case you did not choose this coverage, you may use the insurance of another member of your immediate family. The policy rates do not change.

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