Five Injured in Crashes Involving Suspected DUI Driver

Five Injured in DUI Crashes in Visalia 

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said a drunk driver caused two separate car accidents, injuring five people on the evening of Saturday, January 28, 2023. Those who suffered injuries included a pregnant woman and a three-month-old baby.

Details of the First Accident

According to the CHP, officers responded to reports of a multi-car collision at about 6:00 p.m. on Road 108 near Avenue 264 in Visalia. When police arrived, they determined that the same driver had caused two separate car accidents at different locations.

During the investigation, police learned Jeffrey Meek, a 35-year-old Visalia man, was driving northbound on Road 108 at high speed when he sideswiped a Toyota Rav4, also traveling in the same direction, and fled the scene. The driver of the Toyota, a passenger, and a three-month-old baby were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Details of the Second Accident

Officials said shortly after the first incident, Meek collided with a Toyota Camry carrying a pregnant passenger and a Honda Civic. The pregnant woman suffered minor injuries and started experiencing contractions, but police said her situation did not worsen.

The drivers of the Honda and Camry, along with their passengers, suffered minor to major injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

According to the CHP, Meek was also hospitalized with minor injuries. After his release from the hospital, Meek was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence.

Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

Drinking and driving is a deadly combination. However, people across the United States still continue to drive drunk. Impaired driving can lead to severe injury or death in a traffic crash.

According to statistics, 32 Americans are killed every day in alcohol-related accidents. A recent study found that in 2020:

  • Over 11,600 people were killed in traffic crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers.
  • The estimated cost of collision deaths involving DUI drivers is about $123.3 billion.
  • Over 60 percent of those killed in accidents involving alcohol were impaired.
  • About 230 children 14 or younger were killed by drunk drivers.

Alcohol Impacts Driving Skills

Safe driving requires good judgment, coordination, focus, and quick reactions to a potential situation. Any alcohol or drug use impairs the ability to drive safely.

Most states have set the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for driving at 0.08 grams of alcohol. However, impairment can start at lower BAC levels.

Protecting Yourself from Drunk Drivers

Buckle up every time you get into a car. Your seatbelt is your number one protection against drunk drivers. Lead by example by not getting behind the wheel after drinking, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. If a loved one has had too much to drink, take their keys away, drive them home, or call for an Uber.

If you notice a drunk driver on the road or suspect someone is driving impaired, call 911 and report them so police can remove them from the road. Your actions can save someone’s life, including your own.

Getting Help from an Injury Lawyer

A person seriously injured through the negligence of another should not have to pay the price associated with their injuries. When an accident is caused by an impaired driver’s negligent or careless actions, the injured person is entitled to seek personal injury damages. An attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases can negotiate with the insurance company for fair compensation on your behalf. Compensatory damages can cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future expenses.

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