Femur Fracture Causes

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Femur Fracture Causes

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. Most people either know someone who has broken a bone or have broken a bone themselves. Most fractures have a wide variety of possible causes and a femur fracture is no different.

Motor Vehicle Accidents can Cause Femur Fractures

Like other injuries, bone fractures can occur in a wide variety of accidents. These traumatic injuries have potential to seriously impact a patient’s well-being and understanding the causes could prevent these fractures from developing. Examples of causes include:

Auto Accidents: When someone is involved in an auto accident, they often slam on their brakes in an effort to stop short of hitting the vehicle or object in front of them. When this happens, people lock their knees in place and extend their legs, pressing hard on the brake pedal. Unfortunately, if they collide with an object head-on, this force is transmitted through the front of a car, up their leg, and into their femur and hip socket. This force can lead to a femur fracture that is visible on imaging.

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle accidents can cause polytrauma, including a femur fracture. If someone falls from their motorcycle or is thrown from their motorcycle, they can suffer several different types of femur fractures. These include comminuted fractures, open fractures, and oblique fractures. While everyone should make sure to wear a helmet at all times, they should also make sure they are taking the proper precautions with the rest of their gear as well. Severe fractures may require surgery.

Fall Injuries

There are many different types of falls that someone could experience and all of them may lead to a possible femur fracture. Examples of fall injuries include:

Slip and Fall Injuries: Someone who has a slip and fall injury could land on top of their leg in an awkward position. This type of landing could lead to spiral, oblique, or transverse fractures of the femur. In addition, elderly patients who might have a chronic illness such as cancer may have weak bones to begin with. This increases the possibility of developing a pathologic fracture in a site that has been weakened by chronic illness.

Workplace Falls: Someone who spends a significant amount of time outside could fall from a great height. They could tumble from a roof, power line, or even fall out of a tree. Landing on top of their leg could lead to a broken leg. Someone doesn’t have to work outdoors to experience a fall at work either. Even a fall down a staircase could place the leg in an uncomfortable or risky position and potentially lead to a leg fracture of the femur.


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