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Fatal Rollover Accident in Arden Arcade

Vehicle Flips After Striking Parked Car on Morse Avenue

A rollover accident in Arden Arcade on January 10, 2020, caused the death of the driver. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident occurred at 1:45 in the early morning hours. The driver hit a parked vehicle on Morse Avenue in the vicinity of Hurley Way. The vehicle then rolled over, landing on its side, causing the driver to be ejected. Rescue personnel on the scene transported the individual, who was seriously injured, to the hospital for treatment. At this time, authorities are investigating the rollover accident to determine why it happened. It is uncertain as of the time of this report if drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. 

Rollover Accidents

Rollovers account for approximately 30 percent of all accidents and cause around 35 percent of all fatalities. Of all traffic collisions, rollover accidents carry the second greatest risk of injury and death behind head-on crashes. Certain vehicles are more prone to rollover, including SUVs and light trucks or vans. The majority of rollovers involve a single-vehicle. Some common factors that lead to rollover accident risk are:

  • The driver may be wearing a faulty seatbelt, which snaps open due to the impact, causing the person to be thrown from the vehicle.
  • The driver chooses not to wear a seatbelt, leading to ejection injuries. This can include being hit by other vehicles on the road.
  • The roof of the vehicle can collapse down on the passengers. This is called a crushed roof accident. It occurs when the manufacturer fails to design the vehicle properly to allow for the roof and supporting structures to withstand the weight of the car. 

Causes of a Rollover Accident

The majority of rollovers occur when the tires hit a bump in the road, a curb, or soft soil. This is referred to as tripping and can cause the vehicle to roll sideways or forward. Other reasons for a rollover accident are:

  • The design of the vehicle is defective such as when the roof or support structures are weak, ending in a crushed roof.
  • A faulty tire design can cause a rollover. The stability of the vehicle depends on the ability of the tires to grip the road. 
  • Defective road conditions are another reason a rollover accident happens. This includes poor road design and inadequate roadway maintenance. Many times, warning signs signaling a driver to decrease speed or the approach of a curve are missing. 
  • Driver error and inclement weather are responsible for many rollovers.

Liability in a Rollover Accident

A person injured in a rollover accident can bring a claim against the manufacturer and designer of the vehicle for defects. This includes insufficient roof strength. Tire manufacturers who produce a defective product may also be targeted.  In addition, if warnings about the vehicle’s propensity for flipping are not provided, a product liability claim may be made. An experienced product liability lawyer will be able to help a client in filing such a claim. Finally, local and state agencies that are in charge of road maintenance and roadway design can be held liable for damages. When filing a claim against a government agency, certain requirements must be filled. If this is not done, the case may be denied or not heard. A seasoned lawyer will make sure that all documents are filed correctly and meet all deadlines.

What an Attorney Can Do

Having an experienced lawyer is essential. At our firm, we dispatch our investigators to the accident site. There, they use accident reconstruction techniques to determine why the crash occurred. They also obtain video footage of the crash from traffic surveillance cameras and speak to witnesses. We also review the police report for errors. In cases of roof crush, our experts examine the strength of the roof to see if it meets expected standards. Once all data is available, we release it to our legal team to build a strong case for our client.

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