Fatal Redding Highway Accident

Fatal Redding Highway Accident

On Wednesday, November 7, 2019, a Redding highway accident left one person with a trauma that cost him his life. The accident happened during the morning and involved two separate vehicles. In addition to the decedent, two other people were involved in the crash but did not suffer any injuries. Authorities of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department are reportedly waiting for the decedent’s family to be notified before releasing his identity publicly. According to reports, the Redding Police Department (RPD) is handling an investigation into causal factors of the accident.

Car Crash Information

The accident occurred on Highway 5 near the southbound on-ramp from Hilltop Drive. At about 9:45 a.m., a small SUV leaving Hilltop traveled off the road and careened down a nearby embankment, entering the southbound portion of the highway before colliding with a silver-colored pickup truck. Both vehicles were seriously damaged in the collision, and the force of the impact tore the left-rear tire off of the SUV.

Responding officers discovered that the 78-year-old driver of the SUV was critically injured as a result of the accident. The man sadly passed away on-site. The two occupants of the GMC pickup, including a 74-year-old Shasta Lake man, were not injured.

Accident Investigation

As RPD continues to investigate this crash, officers say that they do not currently know what caused the SUV driver to lose control of his vehicle. In many cases like this one, the accident is caused by factors that are not under the control of the driver, such as faulty vehicle parts or dangerous hazards in the road. However, these factors are often unnoticed by investigators because the decedent can not report the details of the event. To make sure that an accident is fully investigated, it’s important to reach out to a skilled wrongful death attorney who knows how to conduct private collision investigations with the rights of decedents and their families in mind.

Recovering Wrongful Death Damages

The love and care that a person in your life gives you can sadly never be replaced. Losing a loved one in an accident often causes serious emotional trauma that people process over a long period of time. However, families deserve to have financial stability while they are grieving and can claim compensation from parties considered at-fault for vehicle accidents. By filing wrongful death claims, families are often able to obtain compensation for both personal and economic losses.

The losses that can be compensated through these claims are various and depend on the circumstances of the accident and your family. However, payments that can be recovered often include loss of household services, lost income, loss of emotional support, medical costs, funeral expenses, and more. To learn about what compensation may be available to your family, it’s best to go over the details of your case personally with a trusted attorney.

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