Fatal Pedestrian Accident Involving Amtrak Train Occurs in Sacramento

Amtrak Train Going to Sacramento Causes Death of Pedestrian

A fatal pedestrian accident occurred in West Sacramento recently after a man was struck and killed by a train. The crash happened around Northport and Commerce drive shortly after 8:00 p.m., according to officers with the West Sacramento Police Department. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a deceased man who had been struck by an Amtrak train on its way to Sacramento. 

Authorities Investigating the Cause of Fatal Pedestrian Accident

The train reportedly would have arrived at its station in about five minutes, however, passengers were held up from reaching their destination due to the investigation into the fatal pedestrian accident. It was noted that the area where the train fatality accident occurred was surrounded by fencing, and pedestrians were not intended to use it to cross the tracks. The name of the deceased has not been released pending notification of the family. 

Liability in Accidents With Trains

Many times, a fatal pedestrian accident involving a train is caused by negligence by the person on foot. This happens when they go into restricted areas, walk on the tracks, or duck under a barrier. Not only is a pedestrian in a dangerous area difficult for the engineer to spot, but it takes a long time to stop a train, especially if it’s hauling many cars. However, there are instances where the engineer, railroad company or others are responsible. Most of these accidents involve the following:

  • The train derails, which can not only injure those onboard but anyone too close to the tracks when the accident occurs.
  • The engineer driving the train is going too fast, either for the tracks or the area.
  • The train tracks are defective or in disrepair, which can lead to a fatal pedestrian accident if the walker gets entangled or injured.
  • The engineer driving the train is distracted by texting or talking with someone, has been drinking, or other types of negligence.
  • The train engine has some type of mechanical failure, which is the cause of around 10 percent of all accidents.
  • The engineer doesn’t brake in time to avoid an accident.
  • The crossing has no protection for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • There is a defect in the crossing such as the arm not coming down or the alarm not going off to warn others of a train coming.
  • The engineer forgot to sound the train’s horn upon approaching a crossing.
  • The schedule for the train isn’t on time or accidentally gets placed on a track another train is using.

Proving Liability in a Fatal Pedestrian Accident

In addition to local authorities, the Federal Railroad Administration sends investigators to a site where a pedestrian injury or fatality occurred. If the family of the loved one who died in a fatal pedestrian accident wishes to file a claim for wrongful death, an injury lawyer can help in finding the cause, so the appropriate party/parties may be held liable. This could be the engineer, railroad company, manufacturer, or supplier of a defective part or negligent road crew. 

Investigating a Train Crash

Our investigators go to the site of the fatal pedestrian accident to gather the evidence needed to support the family’s claim for wrongful death. Among their areas of investigation are the maintenance records for the train, condition of the tracks and crossing, checking company records for previous signs of negligence, and others. Once the evidence is compiled, our injury lawyers can use it in building a strong wrongful death claim.

West Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer

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