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Fatal Pedestrian Accident at Sacramento Intersection 

Pedestrian Killed at Rio Linda Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue

A pedestrian accident took the life of a man on February 10, 2020, at about 6:10 in the evening at the intersection of Rio Linda Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue. According to a Sacramento Police Department spokesperson, the pedestrian accident occurred when a vehicle struck the man. The injured pedestrian was transported to a local hospital with major injuries but died later despite efforts to help him. The driver involved in the pedestrian accident remained at the scene and cooperated with police. At the time of this report, DUI is not suspected, according to authorities. 

Losing a Loved One in an Unexpected Fatal Accident

Losing someone you love is never easy, but hearing they were killed in a pedestrian accident compounds the grief with feelings of anger and the need for justice. A wrongful death lawsuit can help assure the family that the negligent party is taken to task for their wrongdoing. It may also prevent other families from enduring the same anguish. Speak with your personal injury lawyer about the possibility of filing a claim against the negligent party. Such claims let the family recover the costs associated with the loved one’s demise, such as burial and funeral expenses. In addition, it will allow the family to file for the loss of the deceased’s financial and emotional support at the current time and into the future. A spouse may also make a claim for loss of consortium. The family should not pay financially for the other person’s negligence. 

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Ways to Help Bereaved Family Members 

Bereaved families are stunned after an unexpected death, and handling daily routines becomes difficult. That is where the extended family and close friends can help. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Many times, it is difficult for bereaved families to shop for and prepare meals. Yet, it is essential that they keep their strength up for the harrowing days ahead. Prepare a meal that is easily warmed and drop it off at the house. You might also ask for a grocery list, and pick up the needed items. 
  • Offer to take care of small children or drive them to school. 
  • Ask about ways you can help with a family pet such as walking them.
  • Offer to drive the family members to appointments.
  • Ask if they would like you to accompany them to the funeral parlor. This is very difficult for most people. 
  • Help with funeral arrangements.
  • Visit the family after the burial. Going home after the services can be a time of considerable loneliness.

Determining Negligence After a Pedestrian Accident

In a wrongful death claim, it is necessary to prove negligence even though it might seem straightforward. This means that your wrongful death lawyer must have the resources to examine the accident site for clues. At our firm, we dispatch our investigators to the accident site as soon as possible before evidence is tampered with. Our investigators look for road signs that may indicate that a driver did not try to stop before hitting a vehicle or another person. In the absence of skid marks, for example, it is probable that the driver was impaired or fell asleep at the wheel. 

We also engage forensic experts that utilize accident reconstruction techniques to recreate the accident, often using a computerized model. They also interview witnesses and review the official police report for inaccuracies. If available, our investigators obtain videos that show the accident in real-time from surveillance cameras. Once this information has been compiled, the investigative team releases the data to our lawyers to build a robust case for our client.

Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer

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