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May 18, 2023
Edward Smith

Forty Mile Road Hit-and-Run Causes Fatality

A hit-and-run driver near Yuba City on May 13th that took the life of a man, age 78, is being sought by law enforcement. The accident was discovered along Forty Mile Road near Highway 65 during the morning hours, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). However, it is thought by authorities that the deceased man was struck by the fleeing vehicle sometime during the night before. 

Police Seek Information From the Public

The CHP traffic investigators are seeking a Chevrolet Malibu, 2016 or newer, which continued along northbound Forty Mile Road after striking the elderly man. Those who have any information about the accident are asked to contact the CHP by calling (530) 645-6200. The investigation into the fatal incident is ongoing.

Wrongful Death and its Impact on the Family

When a loved one dies unexpectedly due to someone else’s negligence, it can devastate the family. Wrongful death is defined as the death of a person due to negligence, recklessness or intentional act of another. This type of death can leave family members feeling helpless and confused about how to proceed.

Why Filing a Wrongful Death Claim is Important

The death of a family member can have far-reaching emotional, financial and legal effects on the surviving loved ones. The emotional toll on the family can be immense, and it can take a long time to process their grief fully. The financial impact of wrongful death can also be quite significant. The loss of income, funeral costs and other losses can leave families struggling to make ends meet. Filing a wrongful death claim can help the family obtain justice for their loss as well as recover damages to help them avoid financial strain.

How an Injury Lawyer Locates a Fleeing Driver

If police cannot locate the driver responsible for a hit-and-run, an injury lawyer may be able to help. First, an injury lawyer must obtain evidence from the fleeing driver accident scene, such as paint smears, dropped metal pieces, and tire track marks. The lawyer may then use investigative techniques to track down knowledgeable people who can provide information on the accident. 

By obtaining the police report, the lawyer not only reviews their information but looks for errors that need to be corrected since mistakes can affect the claim. The lawyer may also utilize expert witnesses such as accident reconstructionists or forensic investigators to help build a stronger case.

Insurance Coverage to Provide Compensation

When the hit-and-run driver cannot be located, the family may use their uninsured/underinsured auto policy to pay for damages. Even if the person who was injured or died did not have this policy, another family member’s can be used. It will not affect auto insurance rates.

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