Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident on Melba Drive and Avenue 17 in Madera

Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash on Melba Drive

Officials in Madera reported a fatal hit-and-run crash on Avenue 17 and Melba Drive on the night of Saturday, May 14, 2022. The traffic collision caused fatal injuries to at least one party and involved a Hyundai and a GMC truck, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Details on the Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash on Melba Drive

CHP traffic officers said that the GMC driver attempted to make a right-hand turn on Avenue 17 when it was involved in a crash with the Hyundai. The GMC driver allegedly left the scene but was later located in a vacant lot. Authorities later arrested that driver on felony hit-and-run and suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).

The GMC driver sustained injuries described as minor in the two-vehicle collision and was treated for them. Sadly, a passenger in the Hyundai suffered fatal injuries in the crash. Officials have not yet released information on whether other parties were injured or killed in the car accident.

How is Fault Proven in a Fatal Car Accident?

In a wrongful death claim, establishing negligence is an essential component in the process despite liability being clear. That is because negligence must be proven to bring a successful case forward in addition to receiving compensation for the loss. This may be accomplished through the collection and preservation of evidence. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Traffic Incident Report: A report by the California Highway Patrol or other local law enforcement agencies may be involved in a wrongful death case for a motor vehicle collision. What is useful about these reports is that they will state the facts of the incident and who was responsible for causing it. This document is a key asset if a close relative lost their life in a crash.
  • Statements from Eyewitnesses: Eyewitness statements can be a significant form of evidence in a fatal car accident case. That is because the uninvolved individual may provide their personal account of the incident, how it occurred, and who engaged in negligent conduct.
  • Pictures: Photos of the accident scene may help paint a clear picture of what took place. These should include road signage, damage to the vehicles involved, and skid marks on the road, if there are any.
  • Surveillance Videos: In some situations, the motor vehicle collision may have been recorded by a surveillance camera in the area. An accident attorney may request surveillance videos to help establish negligence.
  • Medical Records: If the decedent was treated for their final injury at the hospital before they succumbed to it, their medical records may be used when bringing a wrongful death case. Aside from these, a death certificate may also be ordered to establish that the loss of life was the result of the car accident and not from another cause.

As you can see, evidence is key to proving negligence for the loss of a loved one. However, doing so may be a stressful and challenging process as it often requires an independent investigation and time. For this reason, it is crucial to work with an experienced Madera wrongful death attorney right away. You can depend on your lawyer to protect your rights and best interests from defense counsel and insurance companies. Watch this video for more details and learn about the qualities you should look for in an attorney to represent your family.

What Can Be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Claim?

While no amount of money may undo the fatal car accident or replace a close relative, a wrongful death claim may reimburse various expenses and losses associated with the incident. This may include:

  • Funeral Expenses: Given that funeral services are often expensive, compensation may help cover them. This is especially useful as a family can focus on coping with grief and saying goodbye to their loved one without worrying about financial hardship.
  • Medical Treatment Costs: The bills for medical treatment related to the deceased’s final injury are recoverable through a survival action. The procedure differs in these situations and should be discussed in detail in a free consultation with an experienced Madera wrongful death attorney.
  • Loss of Future Financial Support: If the decedent was the primary provider of the household, this may cause significant challenges for their loved ones left behind to pick up the pieces. The family members who depended on the deceased financially may be compensated for the loss of future financial support.

Aside from economic and non-economic damages, another type of damage may be available and is generally reserved for those cases involving egregious conduct. These are otherwise known as punitive damages, and as the name implies, they are intended to punish the other side for their wrongdoing. They also serve the purpose of making an example out of the negligent party that their actions will not be tolerated in the Madera community. They may be sought in cases involving DUI or excessive speeding. For more details, contact an experienced injury attorney.

Car Accident Lawyer in Madera

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